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A Tangled Web: Spider Gear for Arachnophiles

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It’s hard not to love spiders. They keep us company on lonely nights and decorate our homes with their lovely, gossamer handiwork. They are the very essence of grace and elegance. Spiders inspire us with their diligence, and remind us that even the most delicate things can be very dangerous if not treated with respect. Also, they eat bugs. No one likes a house full of bugs.

Whether you’re a long time devotee of eight-legged lovelies, or someone who likes to admire from afar, it cannot be denied that spiders are a staple of darkling design. We’ve collected 12 of our favorite arachnid-themed products just for you. Hopefully they’ll encourage you to retire the rolled up newspaper for good.

Monk Skull Spider Set

Do you need a spider necklace that’s understated and subtle? We didn’t think so. These spooky little guys are definitely head-turners. Bone Forest Gifts//$55

Amarande Dress

Image by Hell Bunny

This is the dress our fairy godmothers would want us to wear. Dance the night away in these delightfully swishy spiderwebs. Small woodland creatures who do your housework not included. Hell Bunny//$102.99

Small Round Platter: Tarantula

Laura Zindel Design is a treasure trove of nature inspired ceramics, rife with lovely skulls and classic crawlies. Also known as, everything the discerning darkling needs for a well-set table. Laura Zindel Design//$275

Arachne’s Fate Ring

This ring will make you feel like a goddess. But don’t tell Athena. The Rogue + The Wolf//$37.05

Spiderweb Bat Flap Jacket

Image by Kreepsville 666

“Welcome to my closet,” said the spider to this cute little jacket. Definitely don’t miss the matching skirt. Kreepsville 666//$59.95

Black Widow Coffin Bath Bomb

Enjoy delicate threads of jasmine, ylang ylang, and neroli as they weave a web you won’t mind getting caught in. The spiders know the best spots in the garden. Good Common Sense//$8.99

Moth and Spider Cuff

Image by Jamie Spinello

There’s something ageless and mythic about the design etched into this cuff, qualities we look for in all of our favorite accessories. Jamie Spinello//$85

Latex Spiderweb Dress

Image by Fetasia Latex

They’ll call you MISTRESS Muffet in this dress. Fetasia Latex//$155.53

Scorpion and Moon Necklace

Image by THEETH Jewelry

We have to show a little love for our other arachnid brethren. THEETH Jewelry//$140

Spiderweb Panties

Image by Go Sundae

These lovely retro undies will make you feel like a true scream queen. Go Sundae//$24

What is Normal Patch

Image by Life Club

Normal is an illusion. Fortunately, this cute patch is very real. Life Club//$6.76

Spider Planchette Necklace

Image by Argentum Arcana

Not only is this necklace gorgeous, but it has little feet on the back so it can actually function as a mini planchette. A creepy doll séance is either the most adorable or most terrifying thing we’ve ever imagined. Either way, we need it and this necklace in our lives. Argentum Arcana//$165

Featured image by Argentum Arcana and Jamie Spinello

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