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The Lust List: 9.14.18

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The Lust List is a bi-weekly roundup of treasures and trinkets that the Dear Darkling staff has been lusting after. These are our staff picks, real purchases, and deepest darkling desires.

Convertible Bat Backpack

Image via Modcloth

We’re kicking off this Lust List with the most incredible, convertible, faux-leather bag that looks just like our favorite animal. But, if you don’t want year-round battiness (for some reason), the wings and ears are removable. All-around win. Modcloth//$49.00

Black Velvet Victorian Choker

Image via Mystic Thread

Because there’s never enough black velvet anything, let alone gorgeous jewelry. Mystic Thread//$40.81

Addams Family Nesting Dolls

Oh. Oh wow. The most amazing nesting dolls in existence, hand-painted to perfection. Charlies Crazy Couture//$67.41

Kiss of the Spider-Woman Brooch

Image via Erstwilder

Brooches don’t get enough credit. They’re like pins on steroids. This spider-woman with her glittery green hair is our new best friend. Erstwilder//$39.00

The Devil Wall Flag

Image via Punk Paws

Hi yes we would like an entire tarot deck centered around this theme: the Devil and his cats. Someone get on that, now. But, we’ll settle for this wall hanging for the time being. Punk Paws//£20.00

Black Feather Necklace

Oh damn. Like we didn’t have enough statement necklaces; now we absolutely have to add this amazing black leather feather to our collection. Love at First Blush//$75.00

Sleepy Hollow Bag

Image via @stephbuscema

This is not a drill, people: the Kitschy Witch is releasing three limited edition Halloween bags in collaboration with Lori Herbst, who chose three KW designs and made them into stunning bags. They’re launching TODAY at 3PM EST, so don’t dawdle; we’re predicting that these sell out very quickly. Kitschy Witch Designs

Pumpkin Spice Pandemic Perfume

Image via Sucreabeille

This is not your typical basic witch perfume. Pumpkin Spice Pandemic is the first in a line of autumn-inspired scents called Fallpocalypse that also tell a post-apocalyptic horror story. The second scent, Spiked Cider, is being released today! We can definitely get behind this. Sucreabeille//$3+

Blood of My Enemies Highlighter

What would a red highlighter look like on our skin? Who friggin’ cares LOOK AT THIS IT’S AMAZING. The next time someone tells you your skin is glowing you can reply, “Thanks, it’s the blood of my enemies,” and actually mean it. Revolution Beauty//$8.00

Silver Snake Ring

Image via Chase and Scout

Everything by Chase and Scout causes us to make clutchy hands at our monitors, but this adjustable silver snake, complete with gorgeous garnet resting in its tail, is just fabulousssssss. Chase and Scout//$145.00.

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Check back every other week for the latest trinkets, treasures, and talismans catching our discerning eyes.

Featured image via Charlies Crazy Couture

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