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Think Inside the Box: Macabre Containers for Dark Little Treasures

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Sometimes you look around at your assemblage of personal treasures and think, “Oh, fuck.” Maybe the mountain of unorganized makeup and jewelry on your dresser has turned into a dangerous shit-alanche that threatens to smother you while you sleep. Maybe you’re tired of coming home to find your cat has scattered your vintage tarot deck all over the house and is gnawing on The Fool. Maybe your collection of hair clippings from ex-lovers is outgrowing that shoebox in your closet. You need darkly classy containersAnd a cocktail.

Whether the spring cleaning bug has bitten your ass or you just love boxes of all sorts, we all need stuff to put our stuff in. Here are 9 of our favorites.

Dead Head Altar Box


Photo by Pandora Witch Shop

At the top of our list is pretty much anything by Pandora Witch Shop, like this silky Death’s Head Moth altar box. The exterior is perfect in its modern occult design, and the interior is divided into sections so you can keep your treasures organized. PandoraWitchShop//$80

Glass Pyramid Display Box


Photo by jacquiesummer

For the minimalist witch, this eye-catching box keeps your goodies dust free but still on display. Several shapes and sizes are available, as well as some with loops attached for hanging. We’d love to see this filled with herbs and crystals. Jacquiesummer//$75

Black Weeping Eye Coffin Box


Photo by DeathFollows

Though better known for her wall plaques, Amelia of Death Follows also creates these hand-inked memento mori inspired coffin boxes. The clean lines and bold iconography keep this simple coffin box from blending into the background. DeathFollows//$35

Thorn Keepsake Box


Photo by LordMockDesigns

Looking for something otherworldly? Lord Mock Designs creates wooden boxes that belong in a dark fairy tale. The interior features a hinged shelf for small items. (P.S.: They also make spirit boards, planchettes, and other witchy paraphernalia.) LordMockDesigns//$75

The All Seeing Eye Three Compartment Tarot Box


Photo by stoneandviolet

We’ve already raved about Stone and Violet, but we can’t leave them off this list. The craftsmanship is extraordinary, and the designs are gorgeous. Even if you’re not into reading cards, their open top tarot boxes would look fantastic organizing your office supplies, perfume bottles, or anything else you want to keep handy. Stone and Violet//$85

Eternity Box


Photo by HouseOfMisery

This box is beautiful in its simplicity. Rattlesnake rib bones form a heart atop dark stained wood, and it’s available at an amazing price point. What’s not to love? Use it to store love letters you write to yourself. HouseOfMisery//$15

Coffin Brush Holder


Photo by LifeAfterDeathDesign

An innovative container in the “Why didn’t someone think of this before?” category, Life After Death Design’s coffin brush holder has everyone in a tizzy. You can use it to store makeup brushes or supplies on a vanity, or colored pencils in an art studio. Hell, put it in your kitchen and stash your favorite knives in it. Their Etsy shop is also home to coffin shaped lights, shelves, makeup palette organizers and more creepy stuff. LifeAfterDeathDesign//$45

Modern Cross Stitch Box


Photo by crossstitchranger

Sometimes short and sweet is the way to go. Leave this miniature box somewhere your roommate will see it. Crossstichranger//$32

Handmade Oval Trinket Box


Photo by MelissaBadman

Absolutely adorable, affordable, and other nice words that end in -able. Melissa Badman designs Russian nesting dolls, and has applied that design sensibility to prints and boxes you can find in her Etsy. If one of you gorgeous darklings doesn’t snap this up, we will. MelissaBadman//$10

Featured photo courtesy of Stone and Violet.

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