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‘Til Death Do You Part: Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

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The ring. That phrase can strike fear into the hearts of mortals, and we’re not even including conversations about favorite horror movies. Choosing engagement rings or wedding bands can be the ultimate in nerve-wracking shopping. It’s enough pressure to create your own diamond right there in your brain. Add in the hassle of finding jewelry that matches your midnight soul, and it’s enough to make anyone say, “Y’know what? Let’s just use twist ties. It’ll be very new wave.” Put the bread bag down, darkling. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite finger candy from all across the web. Most of them are customizable with your choice of stone and/or metal, and every one of them would be perfect as the token of your undying affection.

Prepare to Follow Ring

Image via Omnia Oddities.

With a base that calls back to the memento mori designs of gravestones, we can’t pass up this amazing piece from Omnia Oddities. Available in a variety of metals and stone options (including black agate and rainbow moonstone), this piece is subtly spooky and just too delicious. Omnia Oddities//$185+

Sea Nymph Ring

Image via LSD Jewellery.

We’re absolutely in love with this raw, primal-looking ring from LSD Jewellery. It’s designed to stack with their other pieces, and we think the effect is perfectly lovely. Sterling silver, set with rainbow moonstone, labradorite, or opal. LSD Jewellery//$140

Eternal Love Skull Ring

Image via XanneFran.

While a bit outside the standard idea of a wedding or engagement ring, this chunky, spiked piece from XanneFran certainly makes a statement. Plus, it’s an awesome choice for darklings on a budget. Sterling silver, and available in men’s sizes. XanneFran//$93+

The Delphine Victorian Ring

Image via PenelliBelle.

If your style is more “Tragic heroine in a tuberculosis ward,” you might enjoy this antique-inspired dainty band. Available in white, yellow, or rose gold. Tighten up that corset! We can still hear you breathing! PenelliBelle//$1329

Belonging to the Darkness Ring

Image via Bloodmilk Jewels.

We could choose pretty much anything from Bloodmilk Jewels to include in this list. They’re the first and last name when it comes to high quality, darkling-beloved jewelry for a damned good reason. We’re pretty fond of this design, though. Sterling silver and black CZ. Bloodmilk Jewels//$160

Celtic “V” Ring

Image via Silvery Lake.

This absolutely gorgeous Celtic knotwork amethyst ring would be the perfect addition to your handfasting ceremony. It stacks perfectly with other rings available from Silvery Lake (and honestly, several of their rings would be amazing as engagement pieces). Silvery Lake//$96

Valencia Bat Ring

This batty beauty is available in several metal and stone choices, and you can get the little bat friend in either black or silver. Any choice you make is the right one, because we all know bats go with everything. Sapphire Studios Design//$779-$1164

White Diamond Tentacle Ring

Image via Tentacle Me.

Thank goodness we don’t have eight arms, because that’d get expensive QUICK when it came to fancy rings. Pick up the next best thing from Tentacle Me and show get your Ursula on. Cast from a real octopus tentacle and made in sterling silver, there’s a little white diamond set into one of the suction cups. Yep, we’re sold. Tentacle Me//$298

Art Masters Black Gold Set

When we say #allblackeverything, we commit to that, full stop. Black rhodium coating over 14K white gold, set with lab grown black diamonds. Art Masters Jewelry//$2399-$2599

Silver Bat Ring

Image via Cerrious Design.

Cast in Argentium silver and available with several different stones (our example shows the emerald option), this bat ring has secured our little nocturnal hearts. We’re blown away by the detail of the sculpt, and would be happy to try it on for size in a “We’ll wear this forever” kinda way. Cerrious Design//$245+

Moon Phase Engagement Ring

Oh, be still, our hearts. This extraordinary piece is solid Palladium white gold, set with a Labradorite stone and flanked by crescent moons. Perfect for a moonlit wedding. We’ll take one for every finger, please. Swank Metalsmithing//$515

Featured images via (L-R): LSD Jewellery, Omnia Oddities, and Silvery Lake.

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