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Making Metal Magic With Velvet Ruins Jewelry

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Maybe you’re just not a fan of crystals or bone jewelry. Perhaps you are craving a different type of jewelry: heavy metals like copper and brass and oxidized silver; symbolic imagery; pieces that look simple but are actually quite complex. Velvet Ruins is your new favorite store.

Established in 2014 by Paige Crosson, Velvet Ruins is a store “creating heirloom jewelry for a postmodern world.” The Indianapolis-based artist creates exquisitely weird, gorgeous metal jewelry in collections with titles ranging from “blood + fire” to “dancing in the dark.”

Each piece is handmade using traditional metalsmithing techniques, ensuring that every single piece is unique, sturdy, and of a high quality.

velvet ruins

A different take on using the moon in jewelry, this crescent moon is either melting or crying, depending on your point of view. Either way, it’s a unique, gorgeous piece we’d be happy to let drip down our necks. Waning Moon necklace//$60

velvet ruins

Look. At. This. Spoopy. Ghost. How could you NOT want to wear this sweet spirit on your finger forever? Warning: this is a sample piece, so there’s only one! If you want him, come and claim him. Haunted Shield Ring//$80

velvet ruins

Does anyone else think of Daria when they see this necklace? (That’s high praise, by the way). Clarity II necklace//$130

velvet ruins

These earrings are simply stunning. Made of sterling silver, they look like the prettiest physical maps you could ever have dangling from your lobes. From Ash earrings//$65

velvet ruins

Another piece that takes a beloved darkling symbol and gives it new life, this moth ring is both substantial and delicate. Otherworld Moth ring//$125

velvet ruins

Like the moon crossed with a Venus fly trap, the Ether necklace is completely unique in its delicate, sturdy, intricate simplicity. Swoon. Ether necklace//$55

There are quite a few more beautiful pieces in their online store. You can also likeĀ Velvet Ruins on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.

All images from Velvet Ruins.

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