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Vinyl and Latex Fashion That Shines So Dark

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As a self-admitted fashion nerd, I’m consistently fascinated by the way dark subcultures flirt with textures and materials. It’s a way of maneuvering around a decidedly limited and self-imposed color palette. Leather and lace, velvet and vinyl. Wait…vinyl? Yes, darklings, vinyl and latex don’t just have to be for cosplay enthusiasts and cybergoths. We’ve rounded up ten seductively shiny pieces to show you that these materials can be so much more than a Black Widow catsuit.

Faye Latex Harness Dress

Image via Pandora Deluxe

A hint of leopard print gives this bodycon dress a hint of that old school rock and roll vibe. Pandora Deluxe//£210.00

Bad Bones PVC Top

Image via Hello Fruits

Every day is Halloween in this spooky-cute lil’ skeleton crop top. Hello Fruits//$36

Vinyl Bondage Pant

Image via Tripp

Tripp has been a darkling go-to brand for a long time, and they have yet to let us down. This style is also available in a men’s cut and size range! Tripp//$98

Luna Leotard

Image via Jane Doe Latex

Catwoman takes a slight turn in meaning with this utterly adorable bodysuit. We want it right meow. Jane Doe Latex//$300

Lacet Top

Image via Vex Clothing

Latex has this incredible way of being sexy in both more modest and more risqué silhouettes. In this case, va-va-va-voom! Vex Clothing//$232

PVC Mini Dress

With the high shine and textural quality of vinyl, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. This skater dress lets the material speak for itself with no interruptions. WickedKitty Design//$72

‘Sensei’ PVC Robe

Image via Teale Coco

We recently covered Teale Coco in a brand profile, so of course we couldn’t resist including their kink-friendly, kimono-inspired PVC robe. Teale Coco//$193

Chastity Strap Shorts

Image via Iron Fist

These shorts, with removable harness, have a rainbow sheen like pooled oil. (Bonus: they’re on sale!) Iron Fist//$18

Heartbreaker Latex Cone Bra

Image via Mico Couture

Some people wear their hearts on their sleeve, but why not wear it a little closer to where it actually resides? Mico Couture//£85.50

The Wednesday Dress

Image via The Stockroom

In case you thought we had all collectively run out of ways to recreate Wednesday Addam’s totally iconic look, here’s another iteration. Syren Latex//$249

Featured image via Pandora Deluxe

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