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Wake the Dead Scrubs Brings Skin Back to Life

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Harsh winter weather and indoor heating can be absolute murder on skin. Fortunately, indie skincare company Wake the Dead Scrubs (WTDS) is here to help rejuvenate your face and body for spring with zombie-themed skincare. WTDS offers a wide variety of affordable, handmade, and eco-friendly scrubs, masks, skincare, makeup primers, grooming, and bath items for all skin types and sexes. Luxe skincare without unhealthy additives and fillers, all in zombie-themed packaging? Be still our undead hearts!

Center via @tattootami. Your face will feel brand new after using Leatherface Collector’s Edition Mask. Preorder now.//$17

WTDS is the brainchild of Shannon Veilma, a MUA and owner of the hair salon Lavish Luxe Beauty in Costa Mesa, CA. In 2011, Veilma suffered a work-related accident and had to take a year off. During that year, she had to decide how to work around her disability. As a mother of two, she couldn’t afford the luxury skincare she loved, so she went about researching skincare and creating her own dupes. She opened Waked the Dead Scrubs in 2016, and her self-body painted zombie likeness graces much of the packaging. The company gets its name from its many coffee-based products.

Center image via @creepyghoulfiend138. Running out of your favorite scrub can be scary, so be sure to stock up! L to R: Original Coffee Face Mask//$6-$22, Coffee Tea Tree Acne Defense Mask//$14-$24, and Apricot Mask and Scrub//$16

“What better way to Wake The Dead than to put on a cup of fresh coffee? But scientifically, we all know the best way to rejuvenate the skin is to exfoliate that dead skin away,” Veima says on the WTDS website.
Most products are custom made to order, but there is a selection of ready-to-ship items and Zombabe merchandise. WTDS also offers a non-subscription beauty box featuring a selection of WTDS and Zombabe items for $35. You pick and choose which boxes to buy, so there’s no obligation and you get only what you want.

Get rid of the grunge (L to R): Original Coffee Body Scrub//$8-$24, Charcoal Face Mask//$16-$30, and Brain Wash Scalp Scrub//$9

Products can be customized to add ingredients such as extra collagen, or to leave out ingredients that you are allergic to. Most of WTDS’ products are vegan. WTDS is cruelty-free, and Vielma only works with CF vendors and suppliers.

“My ingredients all serve a purpose. Each product is put together with a lot of thought and careful planning,” Vielma states. “It’s not just a hobby, it’s a passion.”

Potions a-plenty (L to R): Wide Awake Caffeinated Under Eye Cream//$20, Beard OIl//$9, and Honey and Apricot Body Wash//$6.50

This careful thought goes into every aspect of the product. Nothing is put in the products that cannot be safely rinsed down the sink. WTDS uses jojoba wax microbeads instead of plastic to help protect the environment. Body scrubs are packaged in recyclable, paper bags. Masks are packaged in leak-resistant jars that are reusable and recyclable.

Everything’s coming up roses (L to R): Luxury Bath Salt Scrub//$14, Solid Perfume//$10, and Natural Rose Roll-on Perfume//$9

Vielma stresses that WTDS items are only available through her website, Unfortunately, there is a side to the indie scene even uglier than zombies: WTDS has recently been the victim of copycats using her logo and artwork.

Images via (L to R): @ab_ducted, @wakethedeadscrubs, and @_shadows.of.reverie. Primed for beauty with Hydrating Makeup Primer//$6

 “My copyrights did solve that specific issue, but I’d like people to be aware,” Vielma told Dear Darkling. “I’d also like to stress how import it is to tag your favorite shops when you suspect other businesses are using our artwork/logos/branding on their products. This has happened to several shops in the last few months, and it’s never okay to profit off of another person’s creativity.”

You can follow Wake the Dead Scrubs on Instagram and Facebook.​ Sign up for their mailing list to get the monthly newsletter with sneak peeks, promo codes, and new releases.

All images via Wake the Dead Scrubs and @wakethedeadscrubs unless otherwise noted. 

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