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Take a Walk on the Wild Side with Teale Coco

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Here’s a puzzle for our dear readers: I am a Melbourne-based designer, photographer, and internationally contracted model. I am silver-haired. I have a highly unusual name…Who am I?

Stumped? This is Teale Coco, the woman behind the eponymous brand. She became a model while studying photography at university. Subsequently, Coco was introduced to adjustable, “one-size-fits-most” accessories while traveling in Japan for a modeling gig. These pieces became the inspiration for, and key elements of, the beginning foundations of Teale Coco The Label. In true boss babe form, Coco isn’t just involved in the logistics of the company. She also acts as a regular site model and is highly intertwined with the visual content for her brand – from creative direction, to makeup, to the photography itself.

Image by Teale Coco

As explained by the brand’s online bio, “Teale Coco draws influences from what lies within us: sexuality, human anatomy, occultism, spirituality – combined with the beauty beyond our bodies: high fashion, subculture, fetish, to promote unique beauty in every form, creating powerful statement pieces that EMPOWER the wearer.” In other words, these wearables are fierce and seductive, with a razor-sharp edginess we’ve fallen head over heels for.

Image by Teale Coco

Currently, Teale Coco has released four collections – two in seductive black materials, one in bloodbath red, and one in bubblegum pink. Each line’s distinct personality meshes with the others, maintaining that fetish-tinged aesthetic that’s embedded itself into the company’s DNA. Pieces are easily mixed and matched within and outside of their respective collections to create entirely new ensembles, as specific and unique as their wearer.

Image by @the_estelle_x

As a company, Teale Coco takes pride in the love and care instilled into their pieces. With the brand “family” consisting of Coco herself and a number of gifted local fashion students, Teale Coco produces hand-cut, handmade designs in limited quantities. This scarcity allows their Melbourne team to ensure a high level of sustainable, responsible manufacture alongside quality craftsmanship and exclusivity.

On Instagram, Teale Coco frequently features fans and followers. The variety of shapes and sizes of bodies shown next to Coco herself is part of the body-positive inclusivity that the brand aims to foster. They enthusiastically give shoutouts to these users who include pieces in their own shoots, and often team up with other brands (Deandri is a recent example) for creative collaborations. We are so, so excited to see what this still-growing brand will conjure up for us in the future!

Image by Teale Coco

As of now, Teale Coco’s products are available to order online on their website. You can also follow the brand’s Instagram, and Coco’s personal Instagram.

Featured image by Teale Coco.

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