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Wax Lyrical with Werther & Gray Candles

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Love the smell of old books? Ever wanted to experience the scents of a 1920s speakeasy or the picturesque gardens of Versailles? Werther & Gray invite you to follow your nose as you explore the nostalgic aromas of the past.

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Antique Books –  Dominant notes of Paper, Vanilla, & Leather -//$18.00

Werther & Gray, flagship brand of The Candle Parlour, specialize in themed candles “that go beyond scent.” Drawing their name from two quintessential romantic era protagonists, W&G produce bottled memories and experiences to excite all senses. Whether you’re a “history buff, romantic, artist, or old soul,” Werther & Gray are sure to please.

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London, 1888 – Rich lacquered wood, velvety floral notes and seductive fruit -//$18.00

London, 1888. The cobbled streets are lit by gas lamps and the red glow of bustling pubs. Men in long coats and top hats smoke wooden pipes into the cold November air. A smog-clouded moon reflects from the putrid River Thames. Somewhere in the distance, Mary Kelly, alone in her single bed at Miller’s Court, is mutilated in her sleep. London sleeps, blissfully unaware.

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Jazz Club – Champagne & Peppermint -//$18.00

New Orleans, 1929. The smell of cigarettes and cheap perfume mingles with the heat of the night. Polyphonic jazz drifts above the rooftops as girls in glitzy dresses perform the Charleston in the streets. Preservation Hall is in full swing.

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Old Battlefield – Lacquer, wood and subtle notes of gunpowder -//$18.00

Verdun, 1916. All is silent. Earth gives way underfoot, slick with blood. Helmets lay strewn upon the ground, peppered with shells. The scent of gunpowder hangs in the air.

In homage to their name, Werther & Gray also produce literary-themed candles based on classic gothic and romantic works.

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Dorian Gray – Orchid & Amber -//$28.00

“What would you do for eternal youth and beauty? Would you sell your soul for it? Would you kill?” If your candle remains forever perfect while you begin to melt and fade away, take heed. “Some things are more precious because they don’t last long.”

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Jekyll & Hyde – Black Verbena -//$28.00

“The scariest monsters aren’t under your bed or lurking outside your window at night. They’re already here—in your mind. In your heart.”

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The Raven– Bergamot Musk -//$28.00

“It creeps into your home uninvited. It never blinks. It never leaves. And it never ceases that chilling whisper of only one word: ‘Nevermore.’ Is it a figment of your imagination, the product of weeks-long grief-stricken fantasies? Or is the dark bird the embodiment of your lost love, Lenore?”

You can visit Werther & Gray over at their Etsy shop, follow them on Instagram, or go straight to the source at

All images featured courtesy of Werther & Gray

All prices featured were correct at time of writing.

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