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Wear the Occult with Omnia Oddities Jewelry

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There is something appealing about wearing statement jewelry, especially when that statement is that you don’t fear death and the occult. Jewelry is its own form of magic, and each piece we wear often holds memory or meaning.

Omnia Oddities sells a particular kind of magic: ornate pieces of jewelry that remind us of our inevitable death and the wonder of the occult world.

With pieces that range from occult tools (such as a planchette or athame), to zodiac signs, plus serpents and skulls, Omnia doesn’t shy away from the tools and symbols of witchcraft.

Hearkening back to its Victorian origins, the Ouija-inspired “Seance Amulet” comes in two sizes and your preference of brass or silver. Their signature hands suspended from a chain guide a planchette set with a stone.

The “Oracle Pendant” holds an orb suspended between two hands. Each stone shines with hidden mysteries and galaxies of portents.

Available in both pendant, ear weight, and earring form, “Charon’s Lantern” is an ornate lantern suspended from hands and incorporating a delicate crystal in the center.

My favorite piece is a ring called “Prepare to Follow,” and is “inspired by mourning and tombstone imagery from the 18th – 19th centuries, reminding each of us that we are all awaited by the same fate.” Using both Puritan gravestone images and hourglasses, this ring reminds us that our time is fleeting and that we must make the most of it while we have it.

Harnessing the varied mythologies of serpents, “Sapientia” winds around your finger, holding an orb in its mouth. Available with a choice of thirteen stones, the ring is available in brass or silver.

Most of their jewelry is customizable. From brass, silver, and gold to a variety of stones, depending on the design, each piece can be made to your taste and price point. They also have pre-made versions of their jewelry available and ready to ship.

Shop Omnia Oddities here, and follow them on Instagram.

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