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The Weed Witch Guide to 4/20

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Herbs have been used throughout human history as plant allies to help heal, poison, season our food, take us to different realms, and to just have a good time. If you are reading this article in the United States, there is an increasingly good chance the once controversial herb, marijuana, is legal in your state! So far eight states have fully legalized weed, and nineteen have legalized it for medical use.

For Darklings who smoke, regular smoke shops can be terrifying places filled with all sorts of sweet smells and…colors. If on this 4/20 you feel like trading in that pink and green mushroom shaped pipe for something that better matches your wardrobe, then light up and let us be your guide.

Obsidian Dragonglass Crystal Wand Pipe


Photo by Amethystore

Whether you’re a crystal person or not, there’s no denying the simple elegance of this pipe. The Amethystore on Etsy has many crystal pipes to choose from, but of course we like the pure-black obsidian one the most. Amethystore//$39.99

Constellation Piece in Matte Black


Photo by KilnWitch

Take a trip to the stars (in more ways than one) with this constellation piece. Handmade, and perfect for yourself, or for sharing with friends, this piece is perfect for those who use marijuana as a sleep aid. KilnWitch//$80.00

Coffin Herb Grinder


Photo by GrindCandy

A pipe without a grinder is like a witch without her wand; you need one to make the magic happen! What better way to grind down your best herb than with this super cute coffin grinder? GrindCandy//$19.99

Glazed Porcelain Horn Pipe


Photo by HalcyonClays

If you want smoking to be more of a dark, ritualistic experience, then may we suggest this incredible horn pipe? It looks like the devil himself gave you this as a gift, and say what you will about the devil, but he knows how to have a good time. HalcyonClays//$45.00

Aged Datura Pipe


Photo by Old Devil Fine Wares

No matter what you are smoking this 4/20, this aged datura pipe from Old Devil Fine Wares is sure to create a witchy, minimalist vibe. 100% handmade down to the glazing, the artistry on this pipe is hard to beat. Old Devil Fine Wares//$80.00

Handroll Pipe


Photo by Tetra

These little one hit wonders are ideal for taking a relaxing walk in the woods, or just having some quiet, creative time to yourself. We love the different patterns they come in, and think they would match any darkling wardrobe perfectly. Tetra//$130.00

Black Bowl Classic Tobacco Smoking Pipe with Nickel Silver Pipe Handle


Photo by We Love Ceramic

When did long pipes go out of style? And why? We aren’t sure, but maybe we can help resurrect the trend by recommending that you go buy this gorgeous pipe. We Love Ceramic//$15.90

Triangle Lux Clip


Photo by High Society Collection

Go back in time to the bold and beautiful days of Art Deco with this discrete necklace that acts as both an accessory and a clip to hold whatever you may be smoking. High Society Collection//$68.00

Lithium Quartz Crystal Pipe


Photo by Natural Magic Shop

This statement pipe is beautiful, bold, and hides itself perfectly amongst your crystal collection. One of a kind, and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, this is a perfect treat for any Weed Witch. Natural Magic Shop//$149.00

Skeleton Hand Smokem’ If You Got It Grinder


Photo by The Grinder Store

For the darkling that wants to chill out, but still maintain their metal edge, we recommend this grinder from The Grinder Store. We can’t promise that you’ll be the coolest person at the party when you pop this out, but you just may be. The Grinder Store//$22.00

Long Smoking Pipe


Photo by Blooming Your Mind

If you have dreams of running off to a cabin in the mountains and smoking peacefully in the woods, then this is the pipe for you. It may not directly transport you to your dream cabin, but it makes pretending you are already there that much easier. Blooming Your Mind//$19.72

Featured image credit: DeluxeWitch.

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