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Welcome to The Conjurer’s Kitchen: The Edible Art of Annabel Lecter

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Annabel de Vetten, (dubbed “Annabel Lecter”), is the titillating thaumaturge behind Birmingham-based bakery The Conjurer’s Kitchen. Previously a fine-art painter, sculptor, and taxidermist, de Vetten turned her sights to baking after creating her own unconventional wedding cake back in 2010. Now, armed with whisks, spoons, and a grotesquely beautiful imagination, Annabel is taking the world by storm, one delicious cadaver at a time.

Anatomical Cakes

If you ever wanted to feel the pop of a human eyeball between your teeth or the crunch of a snapped metacarpal between your own fleshy fingers, Annabel Lecter’s anatomical confectioneries are your sweetest nightmares come true.


“Memento Mori” Cake


Anatomical Tiered Cake


“Abdominal Surgery” Cake


Anatomical Tiered Cake

“Weird and Wonderful” Wedding Cakes

De Vetten began her unconventional baking career with a “roast swan” cake. “Just the subject matter itself could be viewed as mildly controversial. It went down really well with the people who got to eat it and on social media. It was pink cake on the inside, with white buttercream, so when it was cut it looked like it was really rare meat. It was delightfully gross! From then on the edibles got worse. Or  maybe I should say ‘better’? It certainly steered me in the right direction and I realized there was actually an audience for very unusual and morbid cakes!”


“All Dark Chocolate Skulls” Cake


“Hannibal Lecter” Wedding Cake


“Black Lace” Wedding Cake


Hamlet Wedding Cake

Meat Cakes

If you’re more into the salty taste of actual animal flesh, de Vetten has you covered there too. She has created a number of delightfully unique meat cakes for numerous PR events around the country. Her “less-than-savoury” ventures have led to some remarkable works of art: “I made some casts of doll arms and legs, from poached eggs. They were in pickle jars. I still have one but it’s very deteriorated and I’m too scared to throw the whole thing in a bin, just in case it breaks and releases some seriously hellish odours!”


Tiered Meat Cake


Tiered Meat Cake

Edible Curiosities

Annabel has always had a penchant for oddities. From her conjoined taxidermy pheasants to her confectionery curiosities, Ms. de Vetten has true talent and expertise in conjuring the macabre, whether with sinew or sugar.


Dark Chocolate “Morrigan”


Chocolate Hallstatt Skull


Conjoined Gingerbread Men Biscuits


Chocolate Baby Heads


Cannibal Collection: White, Caramel, and Dark Chocolate Bodies

Movie Taste-Along


Annabel de Vetten (Dubbed “Annabel Lecter”)

And if all that wasn’t enough, Annabel also hosts regular “Movie Taste-Along” events at The Electric Cinema in Birmingham. For each showing, Annabel has created a number of sweet treats that match specific scenes. Each screening typically includes up to 6 tasters, and guests may be treated to an unusual parting gift. Films to date have included The Big Lebowski, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, Se7en, and Pulp Fiction, among others.

“It’s not my own concept, my friend and colleague runs the ‘Edible Cinema’ in London and I’ve seen similar things online. This is just my own version of it, with my ‘Movie Taste-Along’ name. I haven’t been to anything like it though, so I can’t compare it to other events. My friend’s Edible Cinema is a very different style, so we’re not in competition with each other. And of course my interpretation will be totally different from anyone else’s, everything I make is very ‘me’.” 

Screening and ticket information can be found at Annabel’s website.

All images courtesy of The Conjurer’s Kitchen.

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