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We Will Guide Thy Hand: The VVitch Roundup

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Robert Eggers’ 2016 film The VVitch is a cult favourite amongst darklings. With its haunting scenery, eerie soundtrack, and occult subject matter, it’s not difficult to see why. The characters and dialogue have inspired a huge collection of art, fashion, and homeware, and we’ve brought a selection together to help you live deliciously.


Black Metal Phillip Hoodie

Image via samRAW08

Feeling a chill from that winter breeze? Keep cozy and maintain your black metal aesthetic with this Black Phillip pullover hoodie, designed by samRAW08 on Redbubble. The quintessential Satanic goat, Black Phillip gives an edge to any item of clothing – even if you’re wearing it with slippers and a scarf. samRAW08//$45

Black Phillip Is My President Tee

Image via Woe and Shucks

In these tumultuous political times, it’s important to show the world your darkling colours and let people know that you empower women, support witches, and live deliciously. This tee by Woe and Shucks combines The VVitch imagery with a powerful feminist message, and we love it. Woe and Shucks//$24

Black Phillip A-Line Dress

Image via BonnieRoseBryan

This dress features a delicate, monochrome illustration of Black Phillip and gorgeous gothic text. A perfect base for layering up for a truly bewitching outfit – wear with fishnets and Docs to really get the grunge-goat look down. BonnieRoseBryan//$46

Live Deliciously Night Storm Tee

Looking to add a bit of colour to your wardrobe? Don’t worry – we won’t tell. These dark tie-dye effect tees from Unicorn Crime Sprees Inc. are a perfect way to live deliciously in more saturated tones than usual. The design is also available in hot pink and rust red for the bold. Unicorn Crime Sprees Inc.//$23.99

Black Phillip Patch

Image via oldblackgoat

Got a space on your patch jacket? Fill it with this medieval woodcut patch, featuring a Black Phillip look-alike and his fantastic catchphrase. If you don’t have a patch jacket, you can still sew this baby to any piece of clothing, make it into a bookmark, or frame it. But seriously, make a patch jacket. oldblackgoat//$10

Learning To Ride Pin

Image via ReicheruArt

Is there anything cuter than this pin, featuring baby Black Phillip on his first broomstick ride? Didn’t think so. Give him the perfect place for his first flight on your jacket or tote bag. ReicheruArt//$10

Mini Horned God Pendant

Image via Burial Ground

This stunning pendant from Dear Darkling favourites, Burial Ground, immortalizes Black Phillip’s visage in sterling silver, with raw crystal horns in a choice of black or smoky blue quartz. The perfect talisman to show your appreciation of all things horned, occult and dark. Burial Ground//$170


Live Deliciously Mug

Image via The Risky Rabbit

In order to truly live deliciously, one must be properly caffeinated with their beverage of choice. Put yours in this stylish mug by The Risky Rabbit. The abstract artwork is reminiscent of dark, swirling skies above a pine forest, or spilled ink – perfect for any brew. The Risky Rabbit//$17

Black Phillip Mug

Image via rozecreative

Any self-respecting darkling needs more than one mug, for when the first is in the wash. This woodcut design by rozecreative on Redbubble has the added bonus of staring at you with creepy goat eyes until you stop procrastinating. rozecreative//$15

Black Phillip Throw Pillow

Image via Lady Morgan

There’s nothing better than being buried under a pile of cushions and blankets after a long day. Make those cushions work for your dark aesthetic with designs like this goat’s head, by Lady Morgan. With sizes up to 36 x 36 inches, you can find the comfiest cushions for your crypt. Lady Morgan//from $20

The Familiars Wall Tapestry

Image via Lady Morgan

A companion piece to the cushion, this wall tapestry by Lady Morgan features simple, stylized illustrations of the three familiars from The VVitch. Ideal if you want to cover up some unsavory wallpaper, or start a goth pillow fort. Lady Morgan//from $30

Black Phillip Bath Bomb

Image via NeoCoven

There’s nothing more luxurious than a long bath – make yours The VVitch-themed with this Black Phillip bath bomb by NeoCoven. The activated charcoal will turn your bathwater pitch black, with a deliciously sweet black cherry scent. NeoCoven//$7

Strange Fire & Fumery Roll-on Perfume in ‘Black Goat’

“Wouldst thou like the scent ov amber? Ov primeval oak? Wouldst thou like to smell deliciously?” This scent by Strange Fire & Fumery perfectly encapsulates the mood of The VVitch and will leave you caught in its sweet, earthy spell. Strange Fire & Fumery//$24


The VVitch Poster

This alternative movie poster by Adam Juresko perfectly encapsulates the mood of The VVitch – desaturated, unsettling, and melancholic. A tribute to the film’s beautiful scenery and historical costumes, this poster will darken any space. The Art of Adam Juresko//from $17

The VVitch Art Print

Image via Dark Visions Art

This print by Dark Visions Art is a wonderfully stylized interpretation of The VVitch. Creeping branches reach like outstretched hands towards the figure of a floating woman while Black Phillip watches below. Dark Visions Art//$25

Phillip’s Ride Art Print

Image via Bill Crisafi

New England artist Bill Crisafi’s piece features Black Phillip levitating over the rooftops of a seventeenth century town, eerie and imposing. Do you dare to look up at the skies? Bill Crisafi//from $30


Featured image via The Art of Adam Juresko

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