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Winter is Coming – Bewitching Capes, Coats, Cloaks, and Cardigans

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As the veil of Samhain draws ever closer, and the air starts to grow thin, we will soon be forced to shed our much-loved leather jackets and don something a little cozier. But you shouldn’t need to sacrifice body heat for style this year. The little bats at Dear Darkling have you covered. Literally.

Black Quilted Half Sleeve Wrap Coat


Image courtesy of Unique Vintage

Stay sophisticated in this satin coat from Unique Vintage. Pain with a pair of long leather gloves for a subtle hint of dominatrix. Ideal for meetings with very important people (we’re thinking Satan). Unique Vintage//£105.00

Ouija Board Print Transparent Vinyl Raincoat

Do you ever spend so long putting together an outfit that you wish your coat didn’t just cover it all up? Well, now you can protect yourself from wind, snow, rain, blood, and spirits in this super cute vinyl raincoat, whilst showing off that outfit you so meticulously planned. Unique Vintage//£58.00

Nuit Mythic Pure Wool Cape


Image courtesy of Nuit Clothing

Channel your inner occultist with this pure wool pullover. The cape features a double-lined hood with draped crossover panels and square draped hem to keep you toasty during your winter rituals. Nuit Clothing//£186.18

Noctex Scarf Cardigan


Image courtesy of Noctex

Perfect for autumnal strolls through the graveyard, this scarf cardigan is a must-have for all darkling wardrobes. Noctex//$185.00

Cashmere Hooded Maxi Cloak


Image courtesy of Linen Naive

Perfect for all that time not spent taking the ring to Mordor. LinenNaive//$139.00

Eco-Leather Panel Black Asymmetric Coat


Image courtesy of Integrity Casual

Made from a black cotton jersey fabric, this coat is lightweight yet cozy. The eco-leather panels give a more industrial feel to this cloak, making it perfect for those steampunk, Victoriana vibes. Integrity Casual//$195.00

Black Velvet Cloak

Black Gothic Female Woolen Long Hoodie Coat

Image courtesy of DevilNight

Slay harder than Jack the Ripper in this delightfully decadent black velvet cloak from Devil Night. DevilNight//£89.25

Vintage Claudia Roses Coat & Cape


Image courtesy of Collectif Clothing

Finally, with Christmas just a few months away, the gorgeous vintage “princess” coat is a must-have this winter. True to size, she fits smoothly over the bust, cinches in at the waist and flares into a full skirt. The detachable cape also fastens with a hidden hook for a more formal look. Collectif Clothing//£188.00

Featured images courtesy of Nuit Clothing, Integrity Casual and Noctex

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