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Working Magic with the Spectrum: Igneous Cosmetics

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Pure artistry featuring Smokey Druzy on the lids. Image via @gandalf_sandwich. Shimmer Eyeshadow in Smokey Druzy//$4.95

“With color one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft.” ~Henri Matisse

One of the many perks of a black-based wardrobe is that everything goes with it, opening up all kinds of possibilities for makeup looks. Makeup is all about expressing who we are on the inside, and colors are one of the easiest, yet most profound, ways of showing a mood or expressing a creative personality. Here at Dear Darkling, we’re dedicated to introducing you to indie brands that will help you do this with colors that go beyond the norm and will ignite your imagination.

Swatch this! All of these shades are vegan. Image via @igneouscosmetics. Shimmer Eyeshadows. Left side, top to bottom: Periwinkle Sapphire, Cherry Topaz, and Bixbite. Right side, top to bottom: Hessonite, Chrysoberyl, and Adamite.//$4.95 each

“I’ve always loved color,” said Taylor Rae, the founder of Igneous Cosmetics, a Canadian company that opened it virtual doors on Etsy in Fall of 2017. “I have been an artist since I was able to hold a brush, and colors fascinate me. My micas and pigments usually give me a lot of inspiration, as well as trying to work my way through having absolutely every shade of every color. That’s my goal!”

Winter is here. Images via @igneouscosmetics. (Left) Eyeshadow Single in The Long Night//$4.95 from the Beyond The Wall Eyeshadow Palette//$24.85

Igneous is a dream come true for those seeking to change up their makeup looks. Whether your taste runs to cool colors, rich jewel tones, or in-your-face brights, they have something for you. Igneous’ products feature rich pigments and silky textures at affordable prices. Animal lovers (and who isn’t?) will be happy for another cruelty-free makeup option. Those with sensitive eyes and skin will rejoice that Igneous’ handmade and hand-pressed products are talc-, paraben- and fragrance-free. Most products are vegan, but a few are not, so be sure to check product descriptions. Singles pans are compatible with magnetic palettes. All prices in this article are converted to U.S. dollars.

We want them all. Images via @igneouscosmetics. L to R: Shimmer Eyeshadows in Crow (vegan), shades of green and blue, and African Amethyst (vegan).

Igneous’ product line-up currently includes 29 shades of Shimmer Eyeshadows, including duochromes, all embossed with gorgeous floral designs, and a new mattes collection. You can also get pre-made and empty customizable palettes. Check out the collection of 12 stunning highlighters, as well. Highlighter shades include such unique beauties as Chalcedony, a cool mauve with an icy silver-blue shift and embossed with floral wallpaper print, and Lady of the Lake, a marbled highlighter with tiny holographic sparkles and imprinted with mermaid scales. Rae already has plans to add more colors and new palettes.

“I’m hoping to have a new themed eyeshadow palette every season. For winter, it was the Beyond the Wall Palette,” Rae told Dear Darkling. “[I might add some] blushes. I’m also always open to suggestions if there is anything specific that someone is interested in. The possibilities are endless!”

A pop of gold.  This look features Chrysoberyl on the center of the lid. Image via @gandolf_sandwich. Duochrome Shimmer Eyeshadow in Chrysoberyl//$4.95

The brand new 19-color Matte Eyeshadow collection debuted in February with five different greens, purples and mauves, cool blues, and fiery warm shades. They are cleverly embossed with classic grosgrain ribbon print so customers can quickly tell them from similar shades in the shimmer line. They are Nylon 12- and dye-free while still maintaining superb color saturation and keeping a silky texture and easy blendability.

The new Matte Eyeshadow collection. This look features Pear and Marigold in the crease and outer edges. Images via @gandalf_sandwich. Matte Eyeshadow//$4.95 each

Rae fell into making cosmetics by accident. In a dilemma all-too-familiar to those of us whose skin runs naturally toward vampiric tones, Rae was having a tough time finding foundation matches. She ordered some white pigments to add to her foundations. Of course, she had to throw some colored micas into her cart.

“I fell in love with the process of mixing them, making new colors, and having no extra chemicals or synthetics in my makeup,” she said.

Taylor Rae models on-point highlights. Images via @igneouscosmeticsChalcedony HIghlighter//$8.26+

Igneous Cosmetics’ name comes from mica, which is the main ingredient in their products. Mica is mineral found in igneous rocks. Rae was trying to come up with a name for her Etsy shop, only to find her choices were already taken. Inspired by the geologic theme, she named most of her products after rocks, minerals, and gems.

“I’ve always been fascinated by rocks,” Rae explained. “As a kid, I always loved rocks and loved digging through rocks at the park.”

How to make darklings smile: Pack their loot in pretty black and purple packaging, faux jewels, and star-shaped sequins. Image via @rsrunyan. Products tested were purchased by this writer.

You can order Igneous Cosmetics products on Etsy. You can follow Igneous Cosmetics on Instagram and Facebook.

Feature images via @gandalf_sandwich and @igneouscosmetics.

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