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The YouTube Chronicles: Witchy Look Books

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Despite their sometimes sordid reputation, witches like Nancy from The Craft still remain fashion icons for many darklings. After all, witchy attire has everything that may tickle a goth’s heart: loose or textured fabrics, chunky heels, tons of accessories, and the color black, of course! Many fashionistas out there make it a mission to collect unusual clothing pieces to combine them into whole outfits used to inspire others to play with their own style. Here’s our top picks of YouTube videos featuring witchy look books.

Black Friday’s Winter Looks from KILLSTAR

This look book is focused on winter apparel that is sure to keep you warm and incorporates a lot of texture using fur and velvet. There are plenty of comfy everyday look options along with a few fancy picks as well. The crescent moon details and pentagram lining add a witchy vibe to the clothing pieces and tie the outfits together nicely. All items are from KILLSTAR’s website.

Toxic Tears’ Gothic & Witchy Fashion Haul from Punk Rave Store

Toxic Tears does clothing hauls and look books on the regular, but this one stands out above the fold due to its inclusion of the beautiful Scissor-Tail Velvet Short Jacket, which is a standout Victorian piece available on Punk Rave’s website. Another great item featured in this video is the Black Mechanism of Pattern Loose Sleeveless Sweater, which has bone-like clasps that make the whole outfit appear witchlike and morbid.

Harmony Nice’s Moonchild Look Book

Harmony Nice’s Moonchild look book is heavily ’90s inspired with lots of baggy sweaters, fishnets, and texture throughout. Some witchy honorable mentions from the video include the gorgeous purple velvet dress and the black fringe dress with the green knit sweater. She also focuses on jewelry selections and accessories in each look to help complete the outfits.

Mirrorsandhaze’s Indie Designer All Black Fashion Look Book

Jessica Haze’s look book offers a unique interpretation on the idea of witchy outfits by focusing more on collecting individual pieces from indie brands that can be combined with other fashion finds for a complete look. This collection includes a lot of drapey fabrics, mesh, and leather with a focus on vegan options. The gorgeous pieces from Deandri with the detachable collars will surely have many darklings drooling!

Georgia Cinnamon’s The Craft Inspired Look Book

Nancy Downs and her coven of witches have been style icons since The Craft came out in 1996. In this look book, Georgia Cinnamon throws together some outfits inspired by each of the four witches from the movie! You can expect lots of layered, silver jewelry and pentagram accessories from this collection. She even gets creative by using a necklace as a belt for one of the looks!

TheMilkClub’s Witch Inspired Outfits

This fashion look book by the Milk Club is a modern take on witchy clothing, mostly inspired by American Horror Story: Coven. The ensembles featured in this video are full of lace details, vintage finds, and chunky heels. Favorites from the collection include the bell-sleeved top and skirt combo from Look 3 and the beautifully sleeved ASOS dress found in Look 4.

Featured image by @killstarco, @gothnu, and @noctis.moth.

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