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Yuletide Bright: A Gift Guide for Witchy Folk

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The holidays are stressful enough without having to sweat about what to buy the special persons in your life. This is especially true for those who’ve been putting off shopping until the last minute. If the witches in your family are notoriously difficult to shop for and you’ve run out of options and ideas, here is a list of items that they are guaranteed to love!

Hecate Goddess of Witchcraft and Magic Statue

Image by Dellamortco

This statue of Hecate, the patron goddess of witchcraft, magic, and crossroads, is a must-have item for witch practitioners everywhere. Plus, it will encourage prosperity and protection to any home it adorns. Dellamortco//$80

Ritual Salt Blends

Image by The Dark Exact

These salts are the perfect gift since they can be incorporated into rituals or used as regular bath salts, so witches get variety in use from one product. The Dark Exact//$15

Baba Yaga Altar Wooden Pentacle

Made of birch plywood, this beautiful altar piece would be an ideal addition to any altar. The piece is made to order with the engraving being etched into the wood, but you can also request custom pieces from the shop as well. Pandora Witch Shop//$30+

Scrying Mirror

Enclosed in a beautiful antique frame from the 1930s, this scrying mirror is a powerful divination tool meant to reveal the deepest secrets of the Universe to the reader. Bellatrix Requiem//$375

Alchemy Rings Set

No one can resist accessories, especially badass ones like these alchemy rings! You can choose from a number of selections that the shop has to offer, so customize your order according to your witch’s needs! Moon Serpent Jewelry//$220

Witch Compact Mirror

Image by Fringepop

This compact mirror is a fun little stocking stuffer for the magical being in your life during the holiday season! Even witches gotta make sure they look good, right? Fringepop//$12

The Augur Soap

Image by Little and Grim

Soap is always a hit as a Christmas gift, so make sure to hit up Little and Grim for your shopping list! The bars are available in multiple scents, so you can get the one that will suit their witchy noses best. Little and Grim//$6

Lilith Goddess Canvas Patch

Image by Thorn and Moon

This fun patch would make a great accessory to any outfit! It’s a versatile item that can also be hung up on the wall if not worn on garments. Thorn and Moon//$11

Van Van Wash

Image by Hexennacht

Van Van Wash is a liquid concentrate that is meant for clearing bad juju out of the air. For best use, it needs to be diluted; instructions are also available on the website for how to use it. Hexennacht//$10

Poison Tea Enamel Pin

Who doesn’t love a good enamel pin on a black leather jacket? Get this awesome enamel pin that comes with a unique chain and has a total gothy vibe about it for the fashion-savvy witch you know! The Pickety Witch Shop//18

Featured image courtesy of Moon Serpent Jewelry.


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