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12 Online Oddities Shops to Bookmark Immediately

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Some darklings are lucky enough to live in a city filled with weirdos, and, of course, that means places for the weirdos to shop. Some of us aren’t so lucky, so thank Satan for modems. While the internet is home to anything you can dream up (and some things you wish you’d never thought of), there’s something special about owning something that’s perfect for your darkling sensibilities and comes from a shop that doesn’t end in “-mart.” We’re talking oddities shops: purveyors of the weird, the rare, and the curious. On their shelves you’ll find everything from taxidermy and wet specimens to vintage medical tools and stuff that’s just strange. Whether you’re just starting to amass items strange and unusual or rounding out a beloved collection, these are shops you can browse from the warmth of your own home (and, let’s be real, probably your bed.)

Paxton Gate

Image by Paxton Gate.

This West-Coast based company carries ethically-sourced taxidermy, mineral specimens, and other vintage and antique items. There’s even a sister site for more kid-friendly pieces!

Bug Under Glass

Image by Bug Under Glass.

Specializing in insect art and jewelry, Bug Under Glass uses museum-grade materials and conservation techniques keep your beautiful bugs looking their best.


Image by Bazaar.

Baltimore’s bizarre Bazaar carries everything from taxidermy and osteological specimens to antique medical supplies and vintage prints. (If you happen to be in the area, they also will be offering taxidermy workshops in 2018!)

Curious Nature

Image by Curious Nature.

This emporium’s ever-changing inventory of items relating to natural history caters to curious minds and adventurous tastes. Their stock is ethically sourced.

Decorus Macabre

Image by Decorus Macabre.

With an assortment that features more of the human anatomy than your average oddities business, this company from across the sea sells pieces that look just as artful as they do scientific.

The Belfry

Image by The Belfry.

“Bats in the belfry” takes on a whole new meaning when if you purchase a vintage taxidermied bat encased in lucite from this Seattle business. They also specialize in Victorian mourning pieces and other vintage curiosities.

Cabinet of Curiosities

Unsure of what you might be looking for? Cabinet of Curiosities isn’t joking around – their inventory stretches across a wide variety of categories including your typical medical and organic offerings to historical memorabilia and other ephemera.

The Weird and Wonderful

Boasting a decade of world travel to find the most intriguing of curios, this British company offers a selection of pieces that are strangely, beautifully modern, if a bit less macabre.

Vintage Archaeology

In the more rustic, kitschy vein of the world of curiosities, this cute Etsy shop is a great place to discover vintage home decor, paper goods, and other odds and ends.

Skull Store

Image by Skull Store.

If you guessed that this company specializes in none other than skulls, you would be correct. Skull Store has an incredible variety of sizes and species in their skulls – from as small as a rabbit to as large as a water buffalo.

Bearded Lady

Image by Bearded Lady.

With a mish-mosh of pieces to look through, the Bearded Lady is as striking and unusual as its namesake would suggest.


Image by Evolution.

This SoHo spot has skeletons, sea life, and other specimens like fossils and artificial human bone (for those who find the real thing a bit too…real). Unlike many similar stores, they also carry educational toys and kits for a younger, curious mini-darkling.

Featured image by Paxton Gate.

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