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Pricks of the Month: 13 Enamel Pins for February

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It wouldn’t be February if we didn’t mention some lovey-dovey shit, so we figured we may as well use our monthly enamel pins roundup to slather you in hearts, butts, candy, and boobs. There’s definitely not porn in here.

Love Enamel Pin Set

Image via Weareburr.

Split this set between you and your favorite carbon-based creature, or keep them both for yourself and show the world what they’re in for. Weareburr//$9

Black Rabbit Fetish Mask Pin

Image via Little Whip.

My my, what long ears you’ve got. Little Whip//$10

Scissor Pin

Image via WildFancyDesign.

A little shiny something to add to your queer pin collection, and if you’re not out, just claim you’re REALLY into arts and crafts. Wild Fancy Design//$8+

Coffin Heart Pin

Image via Gimme Flair.

We bet this heart shaped box sleeps two comfortably. Bang-Up Betty via Gimme Flair//$13

Pinup Pin

Image via LanceWhite79.

Whether you’re into being tied or doing the tying, this kinky darling would look great on your jacket. Or harness. LanceWhite79//$10

Love Will Tear Us Apart Pin

Some things you just can’t argue with. This classic line has yet to be proven wrong. The Wandering Orion//$8.99

I Heart IUD Pin

Image via Yuzu Press.

An IUD might not be your favorite form of birth control, but for many uterus owners, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Yuzu Press//$10

Lesbian/Gay Couple Kissing Pins

Images via Naif Design Studio.

One version has boobs, the other has beards, and they’re both adorable as fuck. Love wins, babes. Naif Design Studio via Gimme Flair: Lesbian version; Gay version//$10 each

Switchy and Witchy Pin

Image via Babe Coven.

Variety is the spice of life, darklings. You go ahead and do exactly as you please. Babe Coven//$10

UR Poison Pin

Image via Amberellaxo.

These pins might be talking about your ex. Or maybe they’re talking about the conversation hearts candy they resemble. Either way, they’re right. Amberellaxo//$13

America is a Gag Pin

Image via Kelsey Henderson.

This is about as close as we get to patriotism. Open wide, Georgie boy. Kelsey Henderson//$10

You’ve Got Spirit Pin

Image via Graphicward.

…And we like a girl with spirit. Especially one that’s handy during a seance. Graphicward//$10

Not Porn Folder Pin

Image via

Hahaha. We don’t watch porn. Ha! Not us. Wherever would you get such an idea? Hahaha. Don’t open that. via Witchsy//$10

Featured image via Little Whip.

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