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13 Feminist Witch Shops to Join in Hexing the Patriarchy

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The fourth wave of feminism, a strong resurgence of witchcraft, and an abundance of talented online makers have collided into a tidal wave of awesome witchy femme merch. Add a dash of tumultuous politics into the cauldron and the internet is boiling over with everything you need to support your local coven in the fight against the patriarchy.

We’ve tread through the depths of the web to bring you some of our fave feminist witch treasures for any budget so that you can carry a little symbol of female empowerment and magick everywhere you go.

Cat Lady Skater Dress

This ultimate cat lady dress, designed by Joanna Thangiah, has an adorable all-over print of feminist familiars with heart-shaped Venus symbols on their foreheads, perfect for a pussy (cat) lovin’ witch. All of Joanna’s designs embody girl power and feminism, with a pastel goth aesthetic that we love. Joanna Thangiah//$60

Femme Protection Spell Candle

A collaboration with J Brager Art and featuring a beautiful collage of oysters, crystals, an athame, lipstick, claws, and flowers, this candle celebrates femme power. Burn it to remind yourself of that power, to summon protection for your femme ancestors, to remember to stay soft, to stay tough, to say no, and to remain the badass babe that you are. LastCraft//$15

Mercury Earrings

These earrings from Witch Worldwide combine astrology and girl power. Venus, the symbol for women, and representing love, beauty, and grace, and Mercury, the planet of communication, are combined in this graphic design. Wear them to remain steadfast and strong while Mercury is in retrograde, and to remind yourself of the importance of communication in feminist discourse. Witch Worldwide//$35

Feminist Witch Socks

If you are a feminist witch from your head down to your toes, literally, you just might need these socks. Vegan Witches//$14.71

Feminist Witch Pin Set

These pins take the words right out of our mouths and onto a pin, with their empowered witchy slogans. Creepy Girl Club//$6

Lunar Feminist Pewter Necklace

Honor the divine feminine with this Venus symbol stamped crescent moon, both important symbols in feminism and magic. CurlyFryStudios//$19.99

Hex the Patriarchy Embroidered Patch

We highly recommend slapping these on just about everything so all those who uphold patriarchal standards can shiver in your witchy wake. ThisBloodySabbath//$6.50

Hextivism Pagan Witch Activist Stickers

We’re kind of obsessed with these witchy activism stickers. Brew up social justice and slap these stickers all over. FoxBonesStudio//$6

Hexxy Poster

Celebrate femme power with these clawed and tattooed witchy hands, armed and ready to hex the patriarchy. Bruxeria Designs//$15

Nasty Witch Pentacle Brooch

We’re not just nasty women, we’re nasty witches. Riot Creeps//$9

Witchcraft is Direct Action Pin

Witchcraft itself is resistance. Wear this button to your next protest, march, or just the grocery store. Portland Button Works//$1.25

 Femme Witch Patch

feminist witch

Arm yourself with femme talismans; a dagger, lipstick, lavender, eyeliner, and wand are perfect tools for practicing feminist witchcraft. Babe Coven//$8

The Slutist Tarot

Adorned with symbols of femme sex positivity, sexual deviants, divine whores and curious maidens, this tarot deck from Slutist is a necessary addition to any feminist witch’s collection. Currently you can pre-order your deck and make a donation on the Slutist Tarot’s Kickstarter.

Featured image courtesy of Witch Worldwide.

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