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13 Spoopy Halloween Costumes For Your Favorite Familiar

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While we are sure that you have had your Halloween costume picked out for months, you can’t forget about dressing up your beloved familiar! All our favorite pet costumes comeĀ from indie creators so you can keep on giving big box stores the finger. We’ve put together some options for every type of familiar. (Except for fish. Apparently it’s very hard to put costumes on fish. We’d recommend putting in a spooky background for their tank, instead of trying to wrestle them into a tiny shark costume, although, how cute would that be?!)

Frankenstein’s Monster Hat

Image via The Hound Hatter

Because our pets, as much as we love them, really are little monsters. Perfect for your pug or other small pupper. The Hound Hatter//$23.78

Cleaver Chop

Come on, now: cut. it. out. Reenact Psycho safely with your favorite familiar with this plush cleaver costume. Good for cats and small dogs. Stitch Meadow Boutique//$39.84

Small Vampire Cape

Image via Toffee Crafts

This tiny vampire cape will let you dress up your smaller animals into bloodthirsty creatures. So, you know, they’ll be your normal pets, just wearing a cape. But if you have a bunny and can turn them into actual Bunnicula, we’re pretty sure you’re legally required to do so. Toffee Crafts//$15.00

Dragon Harness

Image via Octostitches

Holy crap. This shop is full of options for animals of all sizes that you’d like to dress up, but we’re partial to this shiny, classic green dragon. Bonus: it’s already a harness, making it easy to walk your pet while it’s in-costume! Many sizes available. Octostitches//$28.00+

Goddess Cat Costume

Image via Cat Galaxy Goods

Whether you’re going for a simple garden goddess look, or more of a Poison Ivy feel, this felted fern headdress and cuffs combo is purrfect. (Sorry.) Cat Galaxy Goods//$14.00

Spider Hedgehog Costume

Hedgehogs are adorable creatures, so this is definitely your best chance to make them terrifying…ly cute. Plus, everyone dresses their dog up in an elaborate spider costume (we’ve all seen those videos on the book of face); why should dogs have all the fun? This would also likely work on other small pets, like hamsters, lizards, etc. Urban Garden Hedgehogs//$10.00+

Devil Costume

Image via Bow Wow Pet Wear

Suitable for cats and dogs and in many sizes, this little devil costume will convince every witch who passes by that he’s their master. Shoo them away with a Clark bar. Bow Wow Pet Wear//$26.00+

Witch Hat

Okay, we know that there are tons of little witch hats available for purchase on ye olde internet and such this time of year. But the craftsmanship of this particular little hat took our breath away. The tiny buckle! The felt! Plus, how perfect is this kitten model? Don’t worry; it’s suitable for all small pets, you just have to mention what type of familiar you have at checkout. To Scarborough Fair//$39.00

Horse Unicorn Horn & Tail Piece

Image via Ride Your Dreams

If you happen to have a horse, why not turn it into a unicorn?! Seems like the proper thing to do (and definitely what we would do if we had a horse!) Ride Your Dreams//$35.00

Witch Hat and Tutu

A PIG IN A WITCH HAT AND TUTU. Please, please, if you own a pig, make this happen and show us pictures. Our black hearts might actually feel something again. Since this is made-to-order, it can also be made for any other familiar you desire; but seriously, if you have a pig: this is a must. Morty’s Pig Moms//$20.00

Bat Wings

Image via Baby and Bark

Now even your pets can conform to your #allbateverything aesthetic! Available in many sizes to fit (almost) every size cat and dog. Baby and Bark//$18.00+

Glow-In-The-Dark Skeleton

Image via CelebriT

Available in sizes XS-3XL, this simple little glow-in-the-dark skeleton shirt is perfect for cats, dogs, pigs, or nearly any other furry familiar! CelebriT//$14.99+

“I Ate My Costume” Bandana

And sometimes, it’s best to just be honest. Breeations Creeations//$10.95+

Featured image via Toffee Crafts.

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