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8 Horrific Hallow-zines to Read Year ‘Round

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‘Tis the season for ghosts and witches (and potions, oh my!). While Halloween is definitely the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be expensive. Costumes, decor, and appropriate knickknacks can be quite a scare for the wallet. Enter these eight gorgeous, hand-made zines. They feature stories that will chill you to the bone, photos that will stay with you well into the darkest night, and gruesome games for young and old (all for $10 or under!).

Sub Halloween II

photo courtesy of Jonathan Mehring

What’s weirder than New Yorkers? New Yorkers dressed as aliens, superheros, and robots and riding a train 30 feet underground. This zine collects these photos yearly and allows them to speak for themselves as something beautifully bizarre. Jonathan Mehring//$10

Halloween Mini Zines

photo courtesy of Defectivepudding

Mixing Defective Pudding’s cute, Grimm’s Fairytale-esque style with the elements we’ve come to relate to Halloween (like stabbing pumpkins and dressing up as something spooky), this little pack of zines is sure to terrify and delight! Defectivepudding//$5

What Monsters Do On Their Days Off

photo copyright illustrationetc

This cute little zine is appropriate for sweet baby darklings and adult darklings alike. Featuring some of our favorite monsters, this short tale explores what these creepy creatures do when they’ve finished being terrifying for the year. illustrationetc//$4.18

Hocus Pocus Zine

photo copyright Daphne in the Trees

On All Hallow’s Eve, when the moon is round, a virgin will summon us from under the ground. Oh oh! We shall be back, and all the zines of Salem will be mine!  Daphne in the Trees//$3.83

Dark Houses Zine

photo copyright Noelle Marie Wurm

With imagery reminiscent of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, this visual poem is rich with atmosphere and intrigue. It explores the feeling that comes when you imagine the ghosts (figuratively and literally) hidden deep within your walls. Read it with a flashlight under your sheets for optimal spookiness. Marie Noelle Wurm//$7.41

Halloween Zeen

image copyright Caitlyn Harris Bardle

A wholly creative collection of spine-tingling stories, ghastly crosswords, monstrous wanted ads, and all things Halloween. And the best part of all? It’s available as a free PDF! RC Veeder//Free!

Pumpkin Portraits Coloring Book and Zine

photo copyright Art of Dekay

It’s a coloring book, it’s under $10, and the pumpkins within are lumpy and bumpy, and covered in warts. What more could a DIY darkling ask for? The Art of Dekay//$5

Something Familiar

image copyright Pam Wishbow

This short comic brings us back to the days of sleepovers, Ouija boards, and spending nights on our best friends’ floors trying to discern the shadows on the walls. There’s no better way than through nostalgia to evoke the feelings that Halloween brings. Pam Wishbow//$10

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