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Dear Darkling is about curating every aspect of a darkly beautiful life. Much more than a fashion site, we cover lifestyle, art and events. Books to read, things to learn, and ways to grow in our darkness. The darkling community is our community, and we want to help you get the look, connect with brands and artists you might not have met, and help you create the darkling life you want. Our staff believes that dark is beautiful, and that you deserve a site made with as much care as our featured artists put into their work.

Dear Darkling Staff

Alex Moehagen: Editor-in-Chief

Nicole Moore: Senior Editor


Caroline Blicq

Janae Corrado

Imogen de Plume

Jessi Jones

Delie Kapetanovic

Charlotte Keighron

E.K. Leimkuhler

Siboney Ornelas

Rachel Runyan

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