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Aesthetic Vision: Eyeglasses for the Darkly Inclined

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Less than stellar vision shouldn’t mean you have to sacrifice style for sight. Gone are the days of “I’ll just leave my boring glasses at home for the night, and bump into tables at the club.” Have hope, blind-as-a-bat darlings: The eyewear renaissance is here. From vintage to modern, we’ve got seven styles that are as much accessory as necessity.

Leeches by Valley Eyewear


Photo by Valley Eyewear

Can we just say that we love everything about Valley Eyewear? They offer a mind-boggling selection of modern and vintage inspired styles, colors, and lenses (including prescription sunglasses, for you beach babes). One favorite is the Leeches style, which comes in ten different colors (including this slick matte-to-gloss black with tiny inverted crosses). Yes, please. Leeches Optical//$200

Tiburon Nero by Eyeglassboy


Photo by

Possibly the most eye-catching on our list, these Tiburon Nero (“Black Shark”) frames are bold start to finish. Even the temples have sexy, spiky curves that help you channel your inner queen of darkness. Eyeglassboy has a ton of other unique frames, too. Tiburon Nero//$149

Verushka Eyeglasses by Zac Posen


Photo by

Though we love the shape of these frames, it was their color that really won our vote. Red glasses are as much a showstopper as red lipstick, and these are the perfect dried-blood maroon. We think they’d be the perfect pick-me-up for those mornings when drinking the heartwater of your enemies just isn’t enough (e.g., Mondays). Plus, prescription lenses are available onsite. Verushka Eyeglasses//$207

Circle Frames by Dolomiti


Photo by

Modern heavy frames aren’t for everyone, so if you find yourself clamoring for something on the lighter side, check out these tiny circle frames from Dolomiti. With antique style ear-wrapping temples, these frames say “I’d rather be drafting Gothic horror with my fountain pen, thanks.” Dolomiti Eyewear//$158

Vintage50sEyewear on Etsy


Photo by Vintage50sEyewear

Sometimes the way to go forward is to go back. The 1950s had the “sexy librarian” vibe down. Lucky for us, we don’t need a time machine to get some sweet retro specs– we just need an Etsy seller like Vintage50sEyewear. With tons of styles and colors, you’re sure to find something that wets your whistle. Vintage50sEyewear//Prices vary

Peggy Glasses by Adele Mildred


Photo by Adele Mildred

These extraordinary bat wing glasses are already sold out, and we’re not surprised. The owners of these handmade frames are some lucky witches. Happily for the rest of us, a new version (clear with a spiderweb texture) will be launched this April, so get on her mailing list ASAP if you wanna be the first to grab a pair. We’ll fight you for them. Peggy Glasses//$267

Glampire Bat Wing Glasses by Phantomlovely

Phantomlovely Glampire Glasses

Photo by Phantomlovely

Phantomlovely’s bat wing browline/cat eye specs give our dark little hearts the most delicious palpitations, and the metallic Art Deco accents might just be the end of us. We’re not sure the lenses can be converted for those requiring a prescription set, but we’re sure as hell willing to try. Glampire Bat Wing Glasses//$45

Note from Dear Darkling: Please be safe with your vision! Always talk to your eye care provider about whether these frames will work with your prescription, and whether they can add lenses to frames from sellers who don’t offer that service.

Featured image courtesy of Adele Mildred.

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