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Tingle All The Way: ASMR for the Dead of Winter

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For those that don’t know: Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR, is a phenomenon in which individuals feel a pleasant, tingling sensation, often on their scalps. These tingles can be caused by a wide variety of “triggers,” including various sounds. There, all the boring stuff is out of the way and we can get into the goodies. If you’ve got the winter blues and you’re still shaking over Uncle Bob’s special brand of holiday dinner assholery conversation, we totally understand. Join us as we throw on some headphones and drift away into these relaxing tingles.

Potion Brewing with Willow the Witch

No need to carry all that psychic baggage. Let Willow the Witch welcome you to her shop and give you a soothing aura cleanse.

D.I.Y. Pastel Goth 3D Art

What’s better than relaxing to a delightful ASMR video? One that also gives you a tutorial for some cute DIY wall art.

Bloody Mary Does Your Makeup

We all deserve to be pampered sometimes. Fortunately, your cheeky new BFF Bloody Mary has you covered. She’s going to make you look like a whole new person.

Barbara Palvin Reads Jabberwocky

Not only is it a good poem, but the video has a wide range of sounds and an entertaining look into the foley effects which made them.

Black Box

Sometimes, simple is good. There are no characters, no talking, and no plotlines in this video. It’s just a black box and a lot of different sounds.

Stories of Samhain

There’s only about ten months left until Halloween; better start gearing up. Explore the Irish roots of everyone’s favorite holiday with lovely binaural storytelling.

Dreaming with Cthulhu

A whispery, watery short film about a misplaced mermaid trying to get home. We can all relate.

Black Poison Apples

These poison apples sound good enough to eat, and you totally can because Mystic Saurus shows you how to make them. Now we just need to know where she gets all the cute lipstick colors.

Iggy Manly’s Great American ASMR

Ephemeral Rift’s channel has plenty of strange characters you might want to get to know. Whether you’re into creepy doctors, deep ones, or even Satan himself, they’re all here to hang out and help you relax. That said, we often find humor to be the best medicine and it’s hard not to enjoy the over-the-top dedication of the manliest ASMR artist out there.

Featured image © Ashley Gosiengfiao 2011.

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