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Beatriz Lozano: The High Art of Lowbrow Creepy Cuties

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Peek inside the mind of artist Beatriz Lozano, and you’ll see a world of darkness. Pause for a moment and you may even hear the sounds of falling rain and fluttering wings. Stay long enough to allow your eyes to adjust to the dark, however, and you’ll be treated to a Burtonesque hippodrome of frightfully mesmerizing dark-dwellers. Fellow nyctophiles may even be treated to the delicate brush of a moth’s wing kiss their lips as she passes by, welcoming them to her own weird and wonderful world.

Lozano’s art is a mosh pit of multiple fandoms and lifestyles, genres and predilections. These seemingly discordant elements blend and swirl, creating a current that will suck you in, if you let it. And you should, because Beatriz Lozano has such sights to show you.

A self-taught artist, Lozano draws inspiration from comics, film, metal music, the tarot, literature, geek culture, kink, mythology, and horror. Through her art, her adoration of all things peculiar is palpable. Although her inspirations are eclectic, the themes of love, pain, beauty, and sadness remain constant. Several of her most touching pieces are tributes to other artists who have passed away.

Images by Beatriz Lozano.

Despite the darker themes she explores, one cannot help but feel disarmed by Lozano’s subjects; their large eyes and exaggerated heads perched atop bodies with impossibly fragile limbs simply beg to be hugged. They lure you in with their innocent faces, sad gazes, and diminutive size. Just don’t cuddle them too close. They bite.

Images by Beatriz Lozano.

The tarot has also inspired Lozano, resulting in her whimsical, evocative, and charming interpretations of major arcana cards: The Lovers and Temperance.

Images by Beatriz Lozano.

One of her more fascinating obsessions is with moths. Lozano identifies with their “strange, sad beauty,” and what she considers the stigma they live with just for being grey. Just because they’re dark. Just because they live outside the light. She created the name of her Etsy shop, TheMothStigma, to acknowledge the personal connection she feels with moths and of course, they also appear often in her work.

Images by Beatriz Lozano.

Lozano’s art beckons us into a world where roses bleed and candy comes to life. Her subjects are replete with witch stripes, oddities, gas masks, tentacles, and conical hats. Through her artwork, we can witness the quickening of things long dead and the queering of beloved fictional characters unabashedly indulging their kinks. And did I mention the gothy mermaids?

Images by Beatriz Lozano.

Although her preferred medium is colored pencils, Lozano has also worked with acrylics and plans to do more. She also plans to dedicate additional time to her 3-dimentional and sculptural pieces, including dolls.

Images by Beatriz Lozano.

Three years ago, Lozano discovered the art world of Instagram and she was inspired. Despite the fear and anxiety that comes with sharing one’s art, she began posting photos of her work and hasn’t stopped. In the process, she found community, support, and a rapidly growing fan base. Last year, she decided to believe in herself and trust in her art and she now spends most of her time arting her ass off. Eventually, she hopes to make her living as a fulltime artist and with all the creatures, beasties, and monsters in her corner, her chances are good.

Stay current with Beatriz Lozano’s work on her Instagram Feed and keep an on eye on her Etsy store for opportunities to own some of her charming work.

Featured image via The Moth Stigma on Etsy.

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