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Between the Sheets with Sin in Linen

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It’s the dead of winter, time for cuddling up under the covers and getting a little frisky. With the help of our favorite alternative bedding brand, Sin in Linen, you can be sure that your sheets will be as deliciously dark as the rest of your boudoir.
Sin in Linen, founded in 2004 by Sandy Glaze, is a bedding and home decor brand that provides “soft goods with hardcore style.”

“I was obsessed with the idea of grandma’s linen closet being hijacked by her punk rock granddaughter,” said Glaze.

Glaze was born in Hawaii and raised in southern California. She was inspired by the big hair, bikinis, and punk shows of her youth. Her eclectic resume includes studying art and engineering in college, touring with The Meat Puppets, learning Native American art, and founding the Seattle-based roller derby team, the Rat City Rollers. sin in linen

Her interesting life experiences definitely reflect in the way she merchandises her unique online shop, Sin in Linen, where you can find bedding with everything from skulls, bats, and moons to pin up girls and bondage babes, among other tattoo and rock ‘n’ roll inspired prints. Glaze doesn’t stop at just bedding though; curtains, table cloths, and throw pillows round out your home decor needs while candles and sex toys ensure you have everything you need for a truly sinful evening.
Here are some of our favorite Sin in Linen sets to keep your darkling hearts and beds warm the rest of this winter. Now all you need is a consenting cutie to crawl into them with.

Elysian Fields

sin in linen

sin in linen

If you spend your winter hibernating in your dark cave of a bedroom, do it beneath the batty botanical pattern of the Elysian Fields set. Elysian Fields Comforter//$129+

Fetish al Fresco

sin in linen

sin in linen

If you’re craving some sexy, warm leatherette action this winter, check out the Fetish al Fresco set. It’s a traditional Victorian print with a hidden S&M twist; ladies in leather, whips and floggers, and kinky details are sprinkled into the classic pattern. Fetish al Fresco Toile Sheets//$99+

Moon Phase

sin in linen

sin in linen

The Moon Phase bedding is great for recharging your magical spirit as you rest beneath the night sky. The comforter design was dreamed up by artist Erin Joy, who “interweaves nature, animals, and earth into her art.” The triple goddess design embroidered on the sheets and pillow cases was created in collaboration with tattoo artist, Mike Tidwell. A snooze between these magical sheets will ensure you wake up as your best witch. Moon Phase Sheets//$119+

Skull Star

sin in linen

sin in linen

Traditional skulls and nautical stars combine on the Skull Star set, perfect for awakening your inner punk rock pirate. Wake up ready to plunder some booty. Skull Star Duvet Cover//$69+

Pillow Fight

sin in linen

Designed by Tokyo-based artist, Lady Weird, these pillow fighting pin up girls are straight out of your sleepover fantasies. This cute, femme, and flirty set comes in pink or black. Pillow Fight Sheets//$99+

Geisha Moon Tattoo

sin in linen

sin in linen

Image of Masuimi Max by Morat

If you like your boudoir to feel like a mysterious opium den, you’ll love the Geisha Moon Tattoo set. Sultry gold geishas, peacocks, and koi fish dance across a black background. Geisha Moon Tattoo Duvet Cover//$69+

Black and White Stripes

sin in linen

You can’t go wrong with versatile black and white stripes, whether you’re summoning Beetlejuice or keeping it classic and glamorous. Black and White Striped Comforter//$139

All images courtesy of Sin in Linen unless otherwise stated.

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