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Between Worlds: The Photography of Courtney Brooke

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The forest rustles, smoke rises, and the veil thins. Here we find the bewitching photography of New England artist, Courtney Brooke (Light Witch). As she says in her artist’s statement:

‘My work explores the relationship between the feminine, the natural world and spirituality.

With influences such as witchcraft, the romantics, mother earth and death, I am exploring what it is to exist in a human form.’

Brooke’s work invites us to a hazy, autumnal world, in which the magic of the feminine – raw, powerful and deeply connected with nature – is celebrated.

“The Call of Autumn” via Courtney Brooke

There is a profound beauty in these images; they speak of the rural and the ritualistic, the natural and the spiritual. With often muted palettes, Brooke suggests a movement in both time and space, away from the modern and into the compelling realms of imagination.

“Piper at the Gates” via Courtney Brooke

Brooke’s commitment and love for her work is clear. Each piece is immaculate in its detail, from costume to location to editing, and is indicative of a highly labour-intensive method. Brooke’s process has been described as a ‘personal exorcism ritual’, and the emotional and creative investment in each image is evident.

“Stone Maid” via lightwitch

“Ashes to Ashes” via Courtney Brooke

The motif of womanhood is present in much of Brooke’s work, in which figures stand in solitary watch, or together in a coven of three. There is a wonderful dichotomy between the fluid, flowing movement of garments, and the still, deep-rooted strength of these women. Brooke explores the feminine in a myriad of forms, but each one speaks of magic, power and beauty.

“Burial Ground” via Courtney Brooke

Brooke’s photography has been displayed in a number of gallery shows, and she has worked with some of Dear Darkling’s favourite brands – such as Sovrin, BloodMilk, Burial Ground and Ashley Rose Couture – helping to create a community bound by this dark, ethereal aesthetic.

“True Love” Mug//$15.83+; “Selkie” Throw Pillow//$23.73+; “Ectoplasmic” Hardback Notebook//$18.63 – via lightwitch

There is an impressive portfolio of art prints to choose from in Brooke’s shop, but her work also adorns a wide array of clothing, homeware and stationery. From mugs and throw pillows to notebooks, tote bags, laptop sleeves and device cases – the choices are vast.

“Libra” Tote Bag//$15.70+; “Longing” iPad Case//$21.75+; “East Watch” Laptop Sleeve//$37.28 – via lightwitch

As well as her shop, Brooke also has a Patreon, through which donors can access exclusive archival content, desktop wallpapers and monthly prints.

“Threads of Fate” via Courtney Brooke

For those who want to feature in their own dreamscape, Brooke offers Portrait Adventures (for women). Each package includes a consultation, bespoke shoot and professionally edited images. There are three tiers: the Goddess Adventure, the Queen Adventure and the Princess Adventure. The Goddess Adventure is the most in-depth, promising a half day of magic and artistic expression:

“Step out of the everyday and into the world of your imagination, the mystical and fantastical. This is an exclusive 1/2 day creative experience. 

This adventure offers you a chance to connect with your most authentic self, to channel who you are, who you want to become, to manifest that vision in to a lasting piece of art. This adventure allows you to be express yourself with out limitations or inhibitions. A way to re-imagine yourself, or to remind yourself what is already inside, to bring the goddess in you forward.”

“From the Ashes” via Courtney Brooke

We adore Light Witch photography – Brooke’s dreamy, natural, magical pieces are the perfect adornment to any darkling’s walls.

For more information and images, visit Brooke’s Instagram or Twitter.

Featured images via Courtney Brooke.

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