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Blackened Boudoir: 9 Vintage-Inspired Lingerie Sets

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Every darkling has those days where the tried and true, basic black-on-black bra and panty pairing just doesn’t feel special enough. Time to vamp it up! Maybe you have an anniversary, a hot date, or you just want to feel secretly sexy under your everyday clothes. Regardless of the occasion, a brand spankin’ new set of deliciously dark lingerie is sure to set your dreams afire. To channel your inner retro vixen, here are nine pieces of vintage inspired lingerie.

Bettie Page Spiral Stitch Bullet Bra

Image by Kiss Me Deadly

Before Madonna ever sported one, babes in the 1940s and 1950s rocked the bullet bra. It’s perfect as a foundational piece for a rockabilly/gothabilly look. Kiss Me Deadly//$60

Black Spiderweb Babydoll Nightgown

Equal parts creepy and cute (just like most of their creations), you’re sure to catch something sweet in your web when you wear this little number. (What you do with them afterwards is up to you.) Corpse Creations//$43+

Marlene Sheer Polka Dot Camisole & Tap Pant

Image by Leda by Night

Inspired by “all manner of retro kinkery,” flirt with darling details of lace and dots in this breezy set. Leda by Night//$82

Bat Waist Cincher

What’s a proper vintage-inspired roundup without a corset? This graphic take on the traditional underbust cincher features a proper colony of bats and steel boning to create an itty-bitty waistline. Dracula Clothing//$34

Noir Longline Bra & High Waisted Panty Set

Image by Ohhh Lulu

For vintage-minus-the-frills, try a classic satin and lace combo in longline silhouettes. It suits someone looking to dip their toe in without diving headlong into crinoline and cone bras. Ohhh Lulu//$104

Burlesque Teddy

Sometimes we like to imagine that Morticia Addams wears something like this under her flowing ebony gowns. A darkling can dream, right? Betty Blue’s Loungewear//$183

Fledermaus Bat-Shaped Latex Cone Bra

Image by Mico Couture

Feeling adventurous? This smooth and shiny cone bra is the fashion love child of Marilyn Monroe and Elvira. We’ll have a hard time keeping this one under wraps. Mico Couture//$99

Pirate Pajama Gift Set

Image by Dollydripp

Whether you see this stripey set as pirate, Beetlejuice, or Sweeney Todd, what is not debatable is the sweet sassiness of this bralette and boxer set. The designer also makes these in a skull and crossbones print. Dollydripp//$61

Poison Ivy High Waist Thong & Bralette

Image by Amber & Indigo

If you prefer a subtle reference over overt replication, this modernized take on the vintage silhouette is sublime. It’s sheer, sleek, and cuts just like its predecessors. Amber & Indigo//$70 and $75

Featured image (L-R) via: Blue Betty’s Loungewear, Kiss Me Deadly, Dollydripp, Amber & Indigo.

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