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Brand Spanking New Beauty Finds for November

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Welcome, beauty-loving darklings, to our monthly beauty roundup. There will be some brands that may be new to you, some new treasures from old favorites, previews of upcoming releases, and whatever else catches our makeup magpies’ eyes.

WICKED by INGLOT Collection

They had us at “green blush.” Fill an empty WICKED Design Freedom System Palette with eyeshadows and cheek products. There are also lipsticks, glitters, highlighters, eyeliners, nail polishes, beauty sponges, and more. Mix and match from Elphaba’s plum and green collection and Galinda’s pinky neutrals. Inglot is cruelty-free. Follow @inglot_usa. WICKED by INGLOT Collection//$8-$19

Makeup Geek Cosmetics Stroke of Midnight Palette

Images via (L & C) @makeupgeekcosmetics and (R) @krystalerlandson

Your eyes will be as bewitching as the midnight hour with the latest palette from MUG. Create timeless looks with shades of smoky browns, glowing greens, and changeling duochromes. MUG is gluten-free and PETA-certified cruelty free. Follow @makeupgeekcosmetics. Stroke of Midnight Palette//$35

Bad Habit Beauty Pretty Poison Eyeshadow Collection

Image via @badhabitbeauty

We may just be a teeny-tiny, itty-bitty, completely obsessed with purple eyeshadows, and we don’t care. This 15-color palette from Bad Habit satiates our cravings while still leaving some money in our bank accounts. Shades of purple, lavender, mauve, berry, and gold come in an impressive array of finishes including matte, metallic, pearl, duochrome, and glitter. They come housed in black and purple snakeskin-print packaging. Bad Habit is cruelty-free. Follow @badhabitbeautyPretty Poison Eyeshadow Collection//$16

Lethal Cosmetics The Hive Collection Launching Nov. 23

Image via @lethalcosmetics

Lethal Cosmetics is abuzz with news about its upcoming collection, The Hive. It features a sleek black magnetic palette with a gorgeous embossed bee design intertwined with the Lethal logo. There will also be 12 new super-pigmented eyeshadows in shades of greens, orange, berries, and champagne. The eyeshadows will also be sold as singles//$6. Magnetic Palette and Full Collection prices TBA. International shipping is available. Lethal Cosmetics is cruelty-free and vegan. Follow @lethalcosmeticsThe Hive Collection//$6+

Apocalyptic Beauty Black Friday Holiday Apocalypse

Image via @apocalypticbeautycosmetics. L to R: Holiday Apocalypse Collection Eyeshadows, 2018 Winter Mystery Gift Box (wrappings may vary), and Holiday Apocalypse Powder Highlighters in Silent Night of the Living Dead and It’s a Wonderful Afterlife. Prices TBA.

Get prepared for the Holiday Apocalypse on Black Friday! Here’s what you’ll need to survive: Four new vibrant jewel-toned eyeshadows, two new dazzling powder highlighters, holiday-scented setting sprays, and a spooky Mystery Box with exclusive products. Just to be on the safe side, you will also want to pick up Apocalyptic Beauty‘s current collection, The Murderer’s Guide to Flower Arranging (inspired by poisonous plants//$5-$20), or catch their returning LE lippies, new lip gloss shades, and the debut of the brand new Badass Brows line. There will be too many more goodies to talk about here, so mark Nov. 23 on your calendar and head over to Apocalyptic Beauty is cruelty-free and vegan. Follow @apocalypticbeautycosmetics.

Notoriously Morbid Black Friday Releases

Images via @notoriouslymorbid. L to R: LE Metallic Litany Liners, Duochrome Eyeshadow in Camp 25880, and Multichrome Shadow in War Never Changes (But It Shifts). Prices TBA.

This Black Friday, things are getting radioactive at Notoriously Morbid. Sneak peeks of this year’s Black Friday collection showed absolutely stunning color-shifting eyeshadows, that have us breathlessly waiting to see the rest of the collection. The brand also previewed five Limited Edition Metallic Litany Liners including a deep blue-violet, bright green, Santa suit red, snowy white, and yellow-gold. All of these products will be vegan; check the listings on the rest of the collection. Products will be available Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Notoriously Morbid is cruelty-free with vegan options. Follow @notoriouslymorbid. Shop for the new items on Nov. 23-26 at

Rebel’s Refinery Limited Edition Hand-Painted Skull Lip Balms

Image via Rebels Refinery

These cool AF Limited Edition version of the popular skull lip balms are perfect for soothing your chapped lips, giving to friend with a Yule greeting, or stuffing in a stocking. They come in two colors/flavors: Black/Superbia (mint) and Neon Pink/Luxuria (fruit). Available until Christmas. Rebel’s Refinery is cruelty-free. Follow @rebelsrefinery. Limited Edition Skull Lip Balm//$5.99

Feature image via Rebel’s Refinery. All prices are in U.S. Dollars and were correct at the time this article was written.


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