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Carved and Creepy Candles for Your Cozy Crypt

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Amongst antique vases full of dried flowers, stacks of old books, and altars piled high with crystals and tarot decks, exists an essential element to any darkling decor: candles. There is something calming in the gentle warmth and dark shadows cast by a flickering flame. Wax creates beautiful shapes as it drips and melts. Calming and sultry scents create olfactory magic. Even an unlit candle can nestle nicely into shelves of trinkets and treasures, especially when carved into interesting and elaborate designs.

Grave Digger Candles

Each vertebrae and spine candle from Grave Digger is cast from actual human bones to create macabre masterpieces fit for any curiosity cabinet. Skulls, coffins, and black hearts also serve as a reminder of a death as sweet as the smell of burning of beeswax.


creepy candles

While currently on a shop hiatus, these crystal shaped candles are well worth waiting for. No altar is complete without one.

Creepy Candles

Creepy Candles only has one design currently, but it’s possibly the coolest. Wax flesh melts away in a scene of bloody, orange-scented gore to expose a fire-resistant, plaster skeleton hand beneath. Need we say more?

Ember Candle Company

Just because you’re creepy, doesn’t mean you don’t like to be cute too. The answer? Pastel skull candles from Ember Candle Company. Still not convinced? You can choose your own scent from dozens of options, from orange and cinnamon, to pine, to lavender.


SickWix candles are inspired by all things horror and gore, with everything from severed heads and bloody fingers to Jigsaw and Jason, perfect for fans of b-movies and slasher flicks.

You, Me, & Bones

Blankly staring doll heads and black hearts are just a few of the creepy candles handpoured by You, Me, & Bones. They also have brains, skulls, fingers, and most importantly, boobs.


Wyrdwerks candles (and soaps) are exquisitely carved into sculptures almost to beautiful to use. Memento mori skulls, octopi, goats, and even our beloved Krampus are handcrafted in scents created by the artist themselves through an alchemy-like process.

The Wax Bazaar

Looking to participate in the next mass hexing of our least favorite orange fascist? Burn one of these candles and cast a binding spell to keep him from committing any further harm.

Pyropet Candles

A Pyropet is one carefully crafted candle that you don’t have to feel bad about burning. As the cute wax creature melts away, a slightly more sinister skeleton is revealed, and can live eternally on your shelves.


If your candle needs have yet to be met, DarknessVoid should have just about anything you’re looking for. Gargoyles, coffins, monsters, corsets, wizards, skulls, and dragons are just a few of the beeswax creations available. You can even purchase your favorite dog breed carved as a distinguished Victorian gentleman.

Featured image courtesy of Grave Digger Candles.

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