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Cemetery Style: How to Wear a Moonlit Graveyard

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There’s just something completely captivating about a moonlit graveyard – the magic of a light mist, the bright light of the full moon, the eerie shadows of tombstones. Channel these sensations into your look this autumn with our selection of ghostly goodies.

Duchess Mourning Dress

Image via MorticiaHelsinki

Make everyone think you’ve just risen from your grave in this gorgeously floaty dress from Killstar. Long, bell sleeves are perfect for gliding around a cemetery, with a print that is reminiscent of imposing gothic mausoleums. Available in sizes XS-XXL. Killstar//£47.99

Undertaker Blouse

This long-sleeved, button down blouse is ideal if you’re working the graveyard shift, or need to add something more formal to your wardrobe. The embroidered collar adds just enough of a spooky touch that we want to wear it all the time. Available in UK sizes 8-16. Banned Apparel//£25.99

Coffin T-Shirt

Image via Killstarco

Take your partner to a romantic, moonlit graveyard this Halloween. This unisex shirt from Killstar features every darkling’s dream date. Available in sizes S-XXL. Killstar//£24.99

Graveyard Friends Chiffon Top

Image via pigandpumpkin

Graveyards are the best place to meet new friends! Particularly if you’d like to meet friendly ghosts, black cats, and dapper little spiders. This adorable print from pigandpumpkin is available as a variety of shirts, but we love the chiffon sleeved top. Available in sizes XS-XXL. pigandpumpkin//£20

Crypt Keeper Faux Fur Poncho

Image via Killstar

Wandering through moonlit graveyards is idyllic, but you’ll need to be ready for a chill in the air. This faux fur poncho from Killstar lets you wrap up and stay warm, even if you’ve got a cold, dead heart. Available in sizes XS-XXL. Killstar//£89.99

Split Moon Phases Tunic

Image via Restyle

This tunic by Restyle gives off major undertaker coat-tail vibes, without having to wear a three-piece suit. Pair with your favorite trousers or leggings for a sleek look, perfect for adventuring through graveyards. The moon phases print on the sleeves and collar adds a witchy feel. Available in sizes XS-XXL. Restyle//£44

Never Trust The Living Hoodie

Show your allegiance to the graveyard with this hoodie from RockNhorror Apparel – ideal for all-weather cemetery excursions. Available in sizes S-3XL. RockNhorror Apparel//£35.30

Graveyard Plus Size Blouse

Combining batty graveyard embroidery with a Wednesday Addams collar makes for a staple darkling blouse. This Hell Bunny piece is short-sleeved, fitted, and comes in both straight and plus sizes. Available in UK sizes 18-22. Hell Bunny//£25.99

Graveyard Mini Skirt

Image via Mableism

Graveyards are the perfect place for darkly inclined photographers, like Mableism, to stretch their artistic muscles. This mini skirt has a full print of a classic, gothic graveyard in melancholy monochrome. Available in sizes XXS-XXL. Mableism//£25.67

Cemetery Nap Sweater

Image via faithlessferals

This sweet, pastel graveyard design is available on unisex short-sleeved, long-sleeved and baseball tees as well as this cozy sweater. It definitely makes us want to take a nap against a headstone as a blood moon fills the sky. Available in sizes S-L. faithlessferals//£26.68

Crypt Bangle

Image via Mysticum Luna

Mysticum Luna’s sleek Crypt jewelry set includes a choker, ring, pendant necklace, earrings, and this gorgeous bangle. The simple, geometric coffin design looks great alone, or paired with other bracelets. Wear the whole set and keep the graveyard with you always. Mysticum Luna//£25

Crescent Luna Pendant

Image via Restyle

This statement pendant is perfect for showing your devotion to the moon, in all her phases. Pair with the Duchess Mourning Dress for the ultimate moonlit graveyard outfit. Restyle//£13

Easeful Death Onyx Coffin Ring

Image via Bloodmilk Jewels

With its name being drawn from Keats’ Ode to a Nightingale, the Easeful Death ring is the ultimate in mourning-style jewelry. A stunning, hand-cut onyx sits atop cast bat leg and wing bones – a talisman of the graveyard adorning your finger. Bloodmilk Jewels//£153.58

Luna Moon Topper

Not just for lips, the Luna Moon Topper from Black Moon Cosmetics can be used as a highlight, liquid eyeshadow, or anywhere you want to add a ghostly shimmer. Apply on top of your favorite lipsticks for a look that is bathed in moonlight. Black Moon Cosmetics//£14.41

Paranormal Haunted Liquid Highlighter

We featured the blood-red sibling of this Halloween highlighter in our September Beauty Finds, but the rest of the collection is just as covet-worthy. The shade Paranormal is an icy-white that will shimmer and sparkle on your skin – and it comes in a wonderfully macabre skull bottle. Revolution Beauty London//£5

Graveyard 15ML Parfum Extrait Spray or Perfume Oil

Image via Hexennacht

We adore Hexennacht at Dear Darkling – the vast selection of delicious scents leaves us completely spoiled for choice. Graveyard is an obvious choice, with notes of freshly overturned dirt, pine boxes, and cedarwood – transport your senses and dance amongst the newly dug graves under a full moon. Hexennacht//£16.79

Feature image via Mysticum Luna and Astarithy

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