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Clarissa Keiser & Her Creepy Cute Creatures

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Clarissa Keiser is an artist who makes dolls, keychains, and brooches, among other things, and sells them in her shop, Lilliput Step. This isn’t so unusual, until you see the creatures she conjures from her imagination. They’re dark, majestic creatures that wouldn’t hurt you, but will still give you a sense of beautiful disquiet and unease. Each is completely unique and one-of-a-kind, using materials like polymer clay, faux fur, crystals, ribbons, and other beautiful things. And if you’re interested in purchasing any of her work, it’s best to act fast as they sell out quickly!

Clarissa Keiser

Her creations are imaginative, beautiful, creepy, and elegant. They’re nearly like otherworldly Jim Henson creatures. I could see this faerie-type creature hanging around a labyrinth, asking difficult questions and doling out advice to any young maidens who should pass through. She’s ethereal and also distinctly demonic as a goat-woman hybrid creature. Basically I want to be her. Fae/Night Fairy Doll//$70

Clarissa Keiser

This brooch is unsettling in the best possible way. With its golden head, crystals, pursed lips, and opalescent eyes that look glazed over, it’s profoundly creepy and simultaneously gorgeous, which is exactly the look we go for at Dear Darkling. Brooch//$32

Clarissa Keiser

This is the spoopiest little bat I have ever seen. His face is full of reproach and yet I can’t help but want to squeeze him while squealing just the tiniest bit. The floof! The gems! He won’t return my affection, but that’s never stopped me before. Bat Puff//$95

Clarissa Keiser

These keychains are sure to make anyone feel delightfully creeped out by their cute little faces with haunting, slightly grotesque red eyes, perched atop (perhaps guarding?) their strawberries and your belongings. Nobody will ever mistake your keys for theirs ever again, that’s a guarantee. Strawbabies Keychain//$20 each

Clarissa Keiser

Is there such a thing as a mountain mermaid? Because that’s the sense I’m getting from this doll. Technically she’s a nature spirit, but I’m going to stick to mountain mermaid: sparkly, sensual, with long, flowing locks, she beckons you into the forests at the base of the mountain, to your certain doom. But you go willingly, because why wouldn’t you follow her? Nature Spirit Doll//$57

All images from Etsy. You can also keep up with Clarissa Keiser and her creations on Instagram.

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