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Cozy and Creepy: Leggings for Everyday Spooks

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Leggings are often written off as a fashion faux-pas, a poor excuse for trousers worn by people who would rather be in their pajamas. We at Dear Darkling know that you can rock alternative looks without sacrificing comfort – with designs like these, your leggings will be the coolest things in your wardrobe.

Gone Batty Leggings

Image via BlackMilk

Bats! We love bats, and the next best thing to having a batty familiar of your own is wearing them all over your legs, right? These darlings from BlackMilk come in a high-waisted matte finish, and are available in sizes XXS-XL. BlackMilk//£41

Halloween Harlequin Leggings

Image via ASOS

Maybe you’re looking for a stress-free Harley Quinn costume for Halloween, or you want to work the jester look full-time. These ASOS leggings have got you covered. Available in sizes UK 16-30. ASOS//£16

Corset Leggings

Image via Foxblood

Whilst we love how versatile and easy leggings are, Foxblood proves that they are also hot as hell. These high-shine, super stretchy beauties lace all the way up the leg for a statement take on bondage fashion. The lacing is fully adjustable, and they are available in sizes XS-XXL. Foxblood//£32

Tiny Spooky Leggings

Image via Momothistle

These adorable leggings would be perfect for a darkling sleepover – put on your favorite spooky film and settle in for the night with your best witches. Available in sizes XXS-XL, with matching sweaters and tees. Momothistle//£33

Elysium Lace Flared Gothic Leggings

Who said leggings need to be slim-fit? This pair from Devil Fashion are perfect for adding some dramatic flare (pun intended!) to your outfit. Black floral lace, silver crucifixes – these tick all the boxes of our classically gothic hearts. Available in sizes XS-3XL. Devil Fashion//£35.99

Witchy Leggings

Image via Restyle

This pair from Restyle features so many of our favorite things: planchettes, raven skulls, cats,
potions, witch hats, mushrooms, pentagrams, crystals, moons, and bats. Wear your heart on your legs, and show the world your magical inclinations. Available in sizes S-XXL. Restyle//£22

Laura Halloween Skeleton Leggings

Image via Boohoo

Halloween season means that all kinds of spooky designs will be hitting the stores, and darklings can definitely take advantage of that. This skeleton pair works as a quick costume, but we’ll be wearing them all year round. Available in sizes UK 16-24. Boohoo//£12

Spooks or Creeps Leggings

Image via lOll3

Lolle creates some of the cutest, spookiest designs around, and the splash of baby pink is a great way to add some color if your wardrobe is (understandably) all black. Available in sizes XXS-XL. lOll3//£33

Magic Death Velvet Leggings

Image via BlackMilk

BlackMilk are well known for creating gorgeous, detailed designs, and these velvet leggings are no exception. Featuring a high waist for extra comfort, this botanical skull pattern would look wonderful under autumnal layers. Available in sizes XXS-XL. BlackMilk//£41

Skeleton Hands Leggings

Image via Boohoo

Feeling cheeky? These leggings are business in the front, skeleton hands in the back, to let everyone know that you’d rather be partying with the undead. Available in sizes UK 16-24. Boohoo//£12

Black Goat Leggings

These handprinted pants feature a gorgeous black and gold billy goat print that looks uncannily like our favorite, Black Phillip. Made with a high waist and super stretchy fabric so you can live deliciously with ease. Available in sizes XS-XL. MorbidCuriosities//£34

Runic Leggings

Image via Sovrin

Sovrin is a firm favorite at Dear Darkling – their handprinted garments and accessories draw inspiration from nature and the occult, and are printed on super-soft fabrics. Protect yourself with these runic leggings, available in sizes S-XL. Sovrin//£30

Spoopy Scary Leggings

Image via Sophiralou

It wouldn’t be Halloween season without the classic orange and black combo. This pair is printed with all the best spooky illustrations: pumpkins, broomsticks, bats, and ghosts. You’ll be singing “This is Halloween” as soon as you put them on. Available in sizes XXS-XL. Sophiralou//£33

Raven’s Night Gothic Leggings

It’s not all bats and goats – spiders are also a gothic staple. Adorn your legs in these delicate webbed leggings from Widow, making it look as though you’ve just emerged from a dark forest or been exploring a haunted house. Available in sizes S-L. Widow//£27.99

Featured images via (L-R) Attitude Clothing, Foxblood and BlackMilk 

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