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Darkling on a Dime: 10 Budget Friendly Fashion Havens

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It’s no secret that “alternative” clothing has a tendency to burn holes in our wallets, so for darkling babes on a budget, shopping can be a pretty daunting experience. If you’re craving new threads or dying for new home decor but don’t fancy exchanging a months’ pay for a single piece, we at Dear Darkling are here to help. We’ve put together a list of our top ten high-street stores that might just be a slice more “alternative” than you may think.

1. H&M


Image via H&M

Perfect for: Casual

If you haven’t shopped at H&M since your mother last took you in your preteens, we strongly advise taking another look. H&M’s own brand ‘Divided’ may not look like a typical darkling haunt, but trust us, there are some diamonds in the rough. H&M generally get the basics to a tee (excuse the pun), and are particularly fond of incorporating occult geometric designs into their newer pieces. Pair a basic black cami with this kimono, a pair of skinny jeans and some Docs and you’re good to go! H&M//£24.99



Images via

Perfect for: Dresses are a popular UK-based online fashion retailer and are generally up there with the likes of Topshop and River Island in terms of style and quality. Although many of their items sport that awful mustard colour that has been ever-present since autumn, it doesn’t mean there aren’t some seriously sophisticated and sultry darkling drapery in its repertoire. Boohoo are particularly good with black lace and bodycon, and totally nail that witchy flute-sleeve look we’ve all been craving.

3. Missguided


Images via

Perfect for: Shoes

Okay, so they’re not quite on par with Iron Fist or Demonia, but for covering your cloven hooves during the day Missguided has you pretty well-covered. From patent faux snakeskin to classic black velvet, there’s something lurking in the shadows of their pretty pink website for every darkling style.

4. PrettyLittleThing

Perfect for: Corseted Queens

If you’re the kinda girl who loves her corset but can never find the threads to flatter your figure, PLT have a range of clothing that we promise will fit you like a glove. Dubbed “Shape” (oddly enough) this line specializes in items that sit snugly against your corset, and accentuate your curves. Gone are the days of baggy bodycons and slack skinny jeans! Oh, and did we mention there’s a whole load of PVC and vinyl clothing over there too? You can thank us later. PrettyLittleThing//£18.00

5. Topshop


Images via

Perfect for: Going out

If you have an event coming up (say, a wedding, a funeral, a sacrifice) Topshop understands the need to release your inner Morticia every once in a while. Which is really all you can ask for in a brand of clothing. Topshop//£25.00 each

6. Forever 21


Images via Forever21

Perfect for: The Basics

We all know Forever 21. But if you’re willing (and brave enough) to sift through the satin and sequins, there may just be some sultry steals to add to your growing wardrobe.

7. Primark

Image via Primark

Perfect for: Accessories

Nails, eyelashes, jewellery… Primark has it all! For any last minute accessories or accents to darken your look, Primark is sure to deliver. We recommend their layered chokers and ‘squareletto’ nails to vamp up your vetements, no matter what you’re wearing! Primark//£3.00

8. Wilko


Image via Wilko

Perfect for: Homewares

Wilko are great for home decor if you know where to look. Dark duvets, throws, and rugs are where this budget store really shine, but they also have a pretty sweet selection of chandeliers to add a touch of Victorian chic to your boudoir. Oftentimes they stock a number of beautiful ornate mirrors or candle holders, but they’re not always in our favourite colour. So a quick tip from us: be brave, purchase that thing that you love in that awful pastel pink shade, and pick up some black spray paint (Wilko also stocks this). Voila! No one will ever know! Wilko//£40

9.  Target


Images via Target

Perfect for: Home Decor

Target really hits the bullseye (*groan*) with its newest “industrial” range. If your home screams steampunk, Target is the place for you right now. Seriously, go! But if it doesn’t, Target also has a huge range of homeware and accessories under the nuances of “vintage,” “traditional,” and “rustic” that might just suit your spooky sepulchre.

10. T.K Maxx

Image via T.K.Maxx

Perfect for: Eclectic Accessories

Also known as T.J. Maxx in the US, this retail store has some super quirky stuff lurking on its shelves. It can take a bit of hunting around, but trust us when we say it’s SO worth it. This is the perfect place to snare one-of-a-kind items without breaking the bank. If your home is lacking curios and conversation pieces, ‘Maxx has you covered. Happy hunting! T.K.Maxx//£49.99

Featured images (L-R): Missguided, Boohoo, Missguided

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