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Dear Darklings: Instagram Style Inspiration for December

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Here at Dear Darkling, we spend a lot of time sourcing clothing, jewelry, and accessories we think your closet would love. We’re not into cookie cutter copies of the same look over and over, though. We love giving you the tools to create your own style, whatever that might be. So with our Dear Darklings feature, we’re pleased to showcase those who have done just that: developed personal style that’s so delicious, you’ll have no choice but to slam the “follow” button. Here are this month’s picks for IG accounts you’ll love to scroll through for some intense style inspiration.


Photos via @thildasbeinhaus.

Gorgeous chameleon Thilda keeps us swooning with their stunning looks and signature hairstyle. We’d visit their beinhaus (ossuary, for y’all English speakers) anytime.


Photos via @jaxydarkwolf.

Hamburg darkling Jaxy’s all-black-everything wardrobe is style goals, and their curated black and white feed is a glory to scroll through.


Photos via @heidigrotesque.

Heidi’s violet locks and fantastic stylings couple perfectly with her nature and cemetery photography. Earl Grey in the boneyard, Heidi? We’re buying.


Photos via @hukutettu_nukke.

Finland’s witchling Sanna is the queen of trad goth layers, and we’re losing our minds over her sky-high raven tresses. And WHERE IS THAT CROSS BELT FROM?


Photos via @catinawitchhat.

Alice’s gloriously layered strega style has us feeling major post-apocalyptic-witch-in-the-woods-brewing-potions vibes. If this is what the future looks like, count us in.


Photos via @shanghaid_.

London artist Dean is killing it with their drawings, but their selfies? We’re deader than dead. You can smolder at us all you like.


Photos via @evilyn13.

Canadian model/cosplayer/fetish entertainer/DJ Evilyn13 has a feed perfect for fans of vintage vixen style. Or costumes. Or latex. Wowsa.


Photos via @madame_absinthe.

Miss E’s style swings from luxurious velvet gowns to shredded and studded punk pants and hits everything in between. Ever present, though, is her extraordinary hair. Following her on IG is a must, and as a bonus, she’s got a YouTube channel.


Photos via @viventes.mortuae.

This “Holly Jolly Vampire Bitch” is proving, one outfit at a time, that curvy gals can rule the school. And the boardroom. And the bedroom. And we love her for it.


We’ve said it time and time again: If you’re looking for style inspiration, find yourself a Lithuanian Vampire. That coat, y’all.


Photos via @sirynsuccubus.

Goth doll and Sickle Cell Warrior Rachel’s stylings are just the thing to boot you out of a style rut. And hey, darkling brands: BOOK THIS MODEL.

Know a stylish bat we should follow? Drop us a line.

Featured images via (L-R): @madame_absinthe, @shanghaid_, and @catinawitchhat.

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