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The Devil is in the Details: A Selection of Satan Sin-spired Goodies

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The devil, Satan, Lucifer, Black Phillip; he goes by many names, but no matter what you call him, we love him just the same. So we compiled a list of sixteen Satanic goodies, from clothing to pins to art to jewelry, in honor of our favorite cloven-hooved, horned evil-doer. Feel free to get into a little trouble with these pieces. After all, the devil made you do it.

Devil Dude Hoop Embroidery


This rendition of the devil is vaguely bat-like, and we’re into it. Sea of Doom//$285

Satan is a Lady Tee


Only a woman could do the difficult deed of ruling the underworld. These Americans//$30

Fire Elastic Skirt


You’ll look hotter than hell in this retro silhouette with a fiery print. JoceBoss Boutique//$60

Guide Thy Hand Talisman


Let Black Phillip guide thy hand. Sign his book and join his band of witches. We hear they throw great parties. Cult Sisters//$60+

Cherry Wood Devil Cutting Board


Prepare your meals upon the handsome face of Satan himself. Bonus points if you reserve this board for blood red delicacies. Pine Box Designs//$95

Devil Made Me Do It Pencil Skirt

Trouble never looked so good. Sourpuss//$32

Old Devil Cannabis Poster


Show your love for the devil’s lettuce in true Victorian fashion with this print. Madame Talbot’s//$15

Black Goat Stick Incense


Image Credit: Moonbeams Wax Meltz

This sultry, hedonistic scent is inspired by our favorite incarnation of the devil, smelling of oak, amber, and musk. Strange Fire & Fumery//$10

Kustom Kreeps Devil Tie


Here’s a little something for the dapper devils. Sourpuss//$8

CBA Unisex Tee


This tee is the perfect representation of how we feel after a long day of wearing our skin suits. It’s important to be yourself. Polly Nor//$37

Satanic Orgy Patch


If you’re planning an orgy of Satanic proportions this Autumn, we just found your party favor. (Also, please invite us.) Local Boogeyman//$6.66

The Seitanic Spellbook

Worship the delicious, wheat-based meat substitute that is seitan in this black metal themed vegan cookbook. Amazon//$30

Hell Bound Necklace


We know where you’re headed, and we’ll see you there. Souvenir Jewelry//$115+

Possess You T-Shirt


Black Cloud Company offers a plethora of Satanic merch, but we particularly love this tee outlining all the ways to get down and dirty with the devil. Black Cloud Company//$20

Dykes for Satan Enamel Pin


This pin is inspired by vintage queer pulp, and it’s certainly a message we can get behind. Nyxturna//$10

Black Phillip Hard Cider


Wouldst thou like to live deliciously? Then you should drink this cider. It’s a bit hard to find, but if you live in the midwest or happen to have a really cool beer distributor nearby, you’re in luck. And please send us some (and by some, we mean lots). Blake’s Hard Cider via Binny’s Beverage Depot//$9.99

Featured images courtesy of Souvenir Jewelry, Sourpuss Clothing, and Cult Sisters.


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Haleigh is a lover of all things dark and magical. She works in fashion, and is the co-founder of Babe Coven. Follow her on IG to keep up with her latest darkling musings and desires, her all black everything wardrobe, and no shortage of cat photos.

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