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Pop Culture Pleasures: Dirty Lola is For Everybody

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I don’t even know how it happened. It was a typical day at work, and I was taking a moment to browse Etsy for one of our Lust List updates, when suddenly, I came upon one of the most majestic things I have ever seen: a Dr. Frank-N-Furter prayer candle.

dirty lola

Also great: Kurt Cobain and Amy Winehouse//$16.00 each (others available too).

As someone with a decent collection of blasphemously awesome prayer/altar candles from LastCraft Designs, and an unhealthy obsession with Rocky Horror, I knew immediately I had found a shop that I would love, and that my fellow darklings would also be obsessed with: Dirty Lola. But this shop has much more to offer than just perfect pop culture prayer candles. Owned by professional illustrator Miss Scarlett (best name ever), the shop is full of art prints and vintage plates that she has adorned with only the worthiest of graven images and quotes.

dirty lola

Why, hello Mrs. Munster. You’re looking fabulous. Lily Plate//$120.00

dirty lola

This is now the official version of American Gothic and you will never convince me otherwise. Beetlejuice Plate//$120.00

Each of the plates she adorns with these high quality transfers are one-of-a-kind on vintage, up-cycled plates. They are also purely decorative, as the transfers are not guaranteed to withstand food, so remember that when contemplating licking chocolate frosting off of David Bowie’s face (don’t act like that thought never crossed your mind).

dirty lola

It miiiiight be worth the risk… David Plate//$65.00

Miss Scarlett has a penchant for “music, animals, and cuss words,” along with a wicked sense of humor, all of which is evident in her artwork not only on plates, but also on the posters and greeting cards she creates.

dirty lola

Well, if you insist. Show Me Your Kitties Poster//$16.00+

dirty lola

Oh yeah, show me those new Pinterest boards you made…slowly. Crafterbating Poster//$16.00+

dirty lola

Miss Scarlett is also a proud feminist; this poster was made for the Women’s March and 50% of all proceeds made from this print are donated to Planned Parenthood. Smash the Patriarchy Poster//$18.00+

There are so many great things to be found at Dirty Lola, from a Valentine’s Day card that gets right to the point, to a poster of Morticia looking fabulous in a corset, to everything possible with David Bowie on it, this is the Etsy shop (my) dreams are made of. Miss Scarlett, can we be friends?

Featured Images: Wednesday Addams plate; prayer candles linked to above; The Bride Gothic Poster.

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