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Down The Rabbit Hole: Magick, Mischief, & Milkhares

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The spring season is upon us; a season of rebirth, emergence, and a shitload of chocolate. This season and its signifiers, namely bunnies and eggs, are here to remind us of fertility and growth, because Paganism. Of course, a season associated with fertility also means an association with the feminine, which always leads to witchcraft, doesn’t it? Whether it’s old tales about women turning into rabbits to sneak around and dance with the devil, or women conjuring household objects into rabbit shapes that then go out and do their bidding, there’s just gotta be witches involved in every season. So to celebrate this season, we’re offering a bevy of otherworldly hares and bunnies. Perhaps you will find a familiar spirit among them!

Triple Moon Hare Necklace

A magical hare entirely handmade from layers of sterling silver which have been hand-pierced, soldered, oxidized, highlighted, and waxed. The result is a stunning hare decorated with triple moons, hearts, and stars. Triple Moon Hare Necklace//£135

Midnight Run Giclee Print

This beautiful giclee print features a jackalope within a branch cameo frame from a painting by Megan Wyreweden. Printed on high quality Hahnemühle fine art paper using long-lasting archival quality inks. Midnight Run Giclee Print//$22.50

Skeleton Rabbit Hard Enamel Pin

Image via LOVEisSoup

This glittering hare wears his bones on the outside. A hard enamel pin of copper polished metal to adorn your frock. Skeleton Rabbit Hard Enamel Pin//$12

White Rabbit Paper Art Doll Sheet

Image via Mab Graves

Mab Graves is a pop-surrealist artist and illustrator creating stunning work inspired by fairy tales and classic literature, whom we’ve talked about before. Her White Rabbit paper doll set is printed on white card stock and is almost too pretty to cut apart — you may need to buy two! White Rabbit Paper Art Doll Sheet//$12

Woodcut Hare Threshold Outdoor Pillow

Image via Target

An outdoor throw pillow by Threshold features a woodcut hare with a distinctly folk-horror vibe. Woodcut Hare Threshold Outdoor Pillow//$14.99

White Witch Hard Enamel Pin

Featuring handmade spirit beasts and familiars, Beasts Of The Unknown offers this hard enamel pin in three colorways. The shop channels “critters that live in the ripples and folds of our reality,” such as this beautiful Witch Hare. White Witch Hard Enamel Pin//$12.83

Good Bunny Club Sticker

The Goodbunnies live in a society where everyone is perfect. If you’re not perfect, they’ll fix you up good. You’re one of us now. Good Bunny Club Sticker//$1.00

BUN Wooden Sculpture

Image via Lun Original Art

Sculpted of Finland Birch, painted in acrylics of pinks, reds, and whites, this is one evil bun from the darkest of dark fairy tales. BUN Wooden Sculpture//$120

Harlequin Rabbit Art Doll

Image via Malina Art Dolls

An original handmade art doll, the Harlequin Rabbit is a bunny doll with an antique doll face mask made of cold porcelain and enamel. Beneath our masks are we all such creatures, both frightful and whimsical? Harlequin Rabbit Art Doll//$41.04

The Witch Hare Linocut

Image via

Artist Linda M Farquharson is a commissioned and exhibited artist dedicated to the craft of linocut. Her work is infused with the natural world, reflecting themes of transformation where humans and nature merge. This limited edition linocut print is printed on Somerset Satin White 300gsm paper. The Witch Hare Linocut//£95

Custom Bunny Art Doll

Image via RatBerry Toys

These unique soft sculpture toys are crafted with vintage hand-painted viscose fabric and vintage pink gloves for ears. Each may be customized with clothing and an embroidered name. Oddly creepy-sweet little bunnies with moving paws and head, each one is custom made to your nightmares. Custom Bunny Art Doll//$180

Moon Rabbit Porcelain Sculpture

Image via Marina Bauguil

Offering himself to the moon, this dainty little bun is only seven centimeters tall and is handmade of paper porcelain by artist Marina Bauguil. Fired an average of four times, the technique includes oxides, glazes, underglazes, and 22kt gold lustre, making each tiny piece truly unique. Moon Rabbit Porcelain Sculpture//$122.11

Listen To The Moon Fine Silver Pendant

Image via SilverWishes

Kristan creates each pendant by hand, made of recycled silver from her original carving. Her still and quiet rabbits are listening to stories told by the moon, waiting for just the right moment to leap. Listen To The Moon Fine Silver Pendant//$81

Moon Bunny Brooch

Image via LunaLotusUK

This sweet little Moon Bunny is part of a celestial series, marrying animals with planets or, in this case, with the moon. It is laser cut of wood, based on a hand drawing. Moon Bunny Brooch//$7.18

TriSided Nesting Boxes

Image via cindertip

Made in Wales of sustainable wood, each box is hand burned with a unique pyrography design by Cindertip. Brown and white hares gaze up at the triskele moon, an ancient Celtic symbol of birth, death, and rebirth. Nestled inside, the smaller box has stars, spirals, and a mirror moon on top. TriSided Nesting Boxes//$39.51

Featured image via The Creeping Moon

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