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Drawing Down October: 13 Inktober Artists Worth a Follow

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Every October, while some of us are carefully selecting the perfect carving pumpkin and going mad over the Halloween shwag hitting store shelves, there’s a group of artists feverishly creating new pieces every damn day, using just ink and paper. Inktober, the creation of Jake Parker, is an annual event that challenges artists worldwide to draw something in ink, every day, throughout the month of October. It’s that simple. As Parker says on his website, “Anyone can do Inktober, just pick up a pen and start drawing.”

Inktober prompt list and rules.

Official Inktober rules and prompts. Photo via Jake Parker.

While participating artists can draw anything they like, Inktober does come with a set of prompts for those feeling a little dry in the inspiration well. Many artists also combine Inktober with Drawlloween (started by extraordinary artist Mab Graves), and follow a wholly different set of prompts. In the end, it’s all ink, and is a superb event for creators and appreciators alike. Here’s just a few of our favorite Instagram accounts that are taking part in the inkpocalypse this year.


@justinonealart Inktober

Images via @justinonealart.

Justin O’Neal runs the gamut from realistic portraits to sketchy, cartoony creatures. Sharp details pop against his distressed watercolor-style backgrounds, and we’re not sure whether we want to meet the badass characters he creates, or be them. You can find his IG here, or pay a visit to his Etsy shop.


Illustrator/designer Alexandria Noël’s bold, graphic style is a perfect fit for Inktober. Her pieces are reminiscent of antique lithographs, and positively drip with the sort of tightly-rendered details that make our hearts flutter. And did we mention she offers enamel pins? *flings dollars at monitor*


@audraauclair Inktober

Images via @audraauclair.

Canadian artist Audra Auclair is wickedly popular on both Instagram and YouTube, and you don’t need to be a genius to see why. Her mostly-muted palettes are emboldened with shocks of color, and serve to highlight the strength of her confident linework. She paints women the way we’d like to be painted. True to the rest of her work, her Inktober offerings are downright otherworldly.


@drordahl Inktober

Images via @drordahl.

Dorothea Dahl is a German artist whose witchy aesthetic seeps into her linework-heavy images, and after browsing them we can’t help thinking how fantastically these pieces would translate as tattoos. Buzz her IG for bats, cats, and haunted houses, or peep at the stickers, paintings, and handmade snake pendants in her Etsy shop (on vacation as of this writing. We await her return with bated breath).


@hatrobot Inktober

Images via @hatrobot.

Chris Bodily’s pieces are often crowded with detailed imagery, revealing more and more the longer you look. Between their digital and analog work (including some stupendous pyrography), @hatrobot is worth a follow, regardless the season. You can also visit Chris’ website if you’re into the direct approach.


With an Instagram account full of ink drawings simultaneously horrifying and darling, Behemot’s Inktober landscape is just as good as we’d hoped. And don’t think we’re not making clutchy hands at these tees from their Threadless shop.


@mar_de_lio Inktober

Images via @mar_de_lio.

Artist Mariana Magaña L.O’s drawings are flowing blossoms of surrealism, and we’re happy to pick a whole bouquet. While we’re partial to her linework, her watercolor pieces are lovely, too. You can stalk her IG, or snatch up shirts, prints and more at her Society 6 page.


@mkxltra Inktober

Images via @mkxltra.

20 year old Jules’ feed is filled to the brim with exacting inkwork featuring bones, babes, and butts. So of course we love her. Give her a follow and tell her we sent you.


@jijidraws Inktober

Images via @jijidraws.

Are you a fan of luscious, curvy gals who hang out with skulls and hug deer? Then @jijidraws is your new best friend. This body-positive illustrator and designer has a dreamy, distinct style that we fell for, hard. She’s got a Storenvy, too, filled with originals and the chance to get yourself a custom cutie.


@dannydoublin Inktober

Images via @dannydoublin.

Danny Doublin’s Inktober offerings are a mix of creepy and cute, from a very Stitch-esque goblin atop a pumpkin to a vampire experiencing that thing we call “Where’s the fucking snooze button.” A concept designer by day, Danny’s feed is a delightful mix of nerdy and spooky.


@sibylline_m Inktober

Images via @sibylline_m.

With a feed brimming with all manner of witchy women, @sibylline_m makes art that doubles as wardrobe goals. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that some of their Inktober designs make it into their shop. Would an enamel pin of the fox witch be too much to ask?


@irenhorrors Inktober

Images via @irenhorrors.

Chances are good that you’ve already seen @irenhorrors‘ work online. Their pieces are rendered with saturated colors and rich storytelling, like snippets from some foreboding fairy tale. Unsurprisingly, their Inktober work follows that same twisty path, and is photographed beautifully to boot. Help yourself to a print over at their Society 6 shop.


@nnyhr Inktober

Images via @nnyhr.

We were tipped off to this artist as such: “They basically do Inktober all year long.” Truer words were never spoken. With their Instagram built of high-contrast ink drawings featuring masked figures, strange creatures, and occult sigils that look straight out of an arcane grimoire, we’re wondering: How the hell do they have fewer than 200 followers? WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?

All this inkwork got your fingers itching to create? Even though Inktober’s been going since the beginning of the month, there’s no reason not to jump in. Pick up a pen and start making magic.

Featured image via @justinonealart.

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