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Eye Candy: Halloween Makeup Tutorials

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Still looking for last-minute costume inspiration? We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Halloween looks from some wickedly talented MUAs. Whether you’re still learning to wield a makeup brush or are a total pro, there’s video candy for you. All treats, no tricks.


Pompberry Casual Witchy Makeup

This look, based on the artwork of Jacquelin DeLeon, is easy to do and cute as hell. Subscribe to and follow pompberry. Follow on IG @pompberry.

Tom Buckle Easy Skull Makeup Tutorial

This Madame Tussaud hair and makeup artist demonstrates how to do classic skull makeup with only three products in this video for thestudentroom. Follow Tim Buckle on IG @teabuckle

Cybernova The Nun Easy Halloween Makeup Tutorial

What goth doesn’t own black and white makeup and a few blood capsules? This makeup is even easier than it is creepy. Subscribe to and follow cybernova. Follow on IG @cybernova.

MsAaliyahJay 3D Spider Tutorial

Glamourous and creepy: Exactly how we like it. Smoke out your eyeshadow, and paint on a spider. Sounds like a great everyday look to us. Subscribe to and follow MsAaliyahJay. Follow on IG @aaliyahjay.

Emily Wolf Cheshire Cat Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Some colorful eyeshadows, eye pencils, and a few other items is all it takes to do this sensational but simple Cheshire Cat look, and the products won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Subscribe to and follow Emily Wolf. Follow on IG @emilywolfbeauty.


Evelina Forsell Beetlejuice Modern Twist — Halloween 2018

Gorgeous Evelina Forsell treats us all to this amazing modern art take on Beetlejuice, using a few simple eyeshadows and lipsticks. Subscribe to and follow Evelina Forsell. Follow on IG @evelina.forsell.

Atleeeey Bent Neck Lady Halloween Makeup Tutorial

For more of a challenge, try this tutorial inspired by the new Netflix series “The Haunting of Hill House.” Subscribe to and follow atleeeey. Follow on IG @atleeeey.

Madeyewlook Bendy & the Ink Machine Halloween Tutorial

Based on the popular game Bendy and the Ink Machine, this one requires a little more effort with handmade horns and body-painting, but the creepy cartoon horror makes that extra work more than worth it. Subscribe to and follow Madeyewlook. Follow on IG @madeyewlook.

Glam&Gore Dark Fairy Halloween Makeup Tutorial

This tutorial includes the exquisite fairy makeup, an easy way to make ear prosthetics, and instructions for making the headdress. Glitter cleanup not included. Subscribe to and follow Glam&Gore. Follow on IG @glamandgore.

Sydney Nicole Ouija Speaktress Halloween Makeup

This ouija board makeup is nothing short of brilliant. Subscribe to and follow Sydney Nicole. Follow on IG @voodoobarbiedoll.

Ellimacs Latex Free Zombie Halloween Tutorial

Allergic to latex? You can still look amazing for Halloween. Red yarn, false nail tips, an other creative products are used to achieve this gruesome zombie look. Subscribe to and follow ellimacs sfx makeup. Follow on IG @ellimacssfx.


Heather Moorhouse Black Annis Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Moorhouse draws from the ancient Leicestershire legend of iron-clawed child eater Evil Annis for this amazingly detailed tutorial. Subscribe to and follow Heather Moorhouse. Follow on IG @makeupmouse.

Jordan Hanz Love Sick Evil Mermaid Makeup Special Effects Tutorial

Combine the beauty of the sea with the horrors of trytophobia with this wildly inventive take on the mermaid. You’ll need to sculpt some prosthetics with this one, plus do some painting and makeup work. Watch her older tutorials at Jordan Hanz, catch her now at jordanhanz (Twitch TV). Follow on IG @jordanhanz.

NsomniaksDream Twisted Clown Creepy Halloween Makeup Tutorial

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a scary clown look. This one is particularly horrifying with its jagged, toothy grin and strong black lines. Subscribe to and follow NsomiaksDream. Follow on IG @nsomniaksdream.

Feature images (L to R): @voodoobarbiedoll, @atleeeey, and @evelina.forsell.
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