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A Goth-Glam Match From Our Dreams: B. Akerlund for IKEA

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Ikea’s got something delicious and delightful cooked up – and no, this time, it’s not the Swedish meatballsdi. In collaboration with the Scandinavian home furnishing giant, stylist/costume designer B. Akerlund just released a limited edition line of decidedly darker goods to deck out your home with. Most recently known for her work with Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Madonna, this multi-talented artist has also worked with the likes of Dita Von Teese, Ozzy Osbourne, and Marilyn Manson.

Image via IKEA

Her design abilities have translated flawlessly here, and Akerlund’s dark glam home collection has us scrambling to grab our wallets. The lineup combines goth aesthetics with that of classic Hollywood glamour in black, white, red, and gold. The collection is only available in-store – so hurry over there if you want a little somethin’-somethin’! Here are some pieces we can’t stop thinking about:

If you’ve ever wanted ghostly wire hands appearing through your walls, IKEA definitely has your back. On the less creepy side of things, this adorable top hat styled vase comes in both black and clear glass (rabbit not included.)

Some things come better in pairs, like these sets of lipstick-printed glasses and classy hat boxes. Color us impressed by how IKEA and Akerlund were able to find a middle ground between the characteristic minimalism of IKEA itself, and the complexities of her stylistic work.

We at Dear Darkling collectively lost our minds when we saw the lace-up corset detailing on the back of this armchair. The chair’s gold studs, paired with the gold of the clothing racks and warm-toned leopard print rug make us want to insert ourselves into this impeccably curated scene. Like, right now. But who doesn’t want to live in an IKEA?


The OMEDELBAR collection with B. Akerlund is available for a limited time in-store in IKEA locations, likely until they sell out. See you in the checkout line!


Featured image via Elle Decor Italia.

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