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Bound in Bone: Hand of Halcyon Jewelry

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Does your jewelry box need some fresh supplies? Do you like your jewelry to be ethically sourced and natural, while still being beautiful and a bit creepy? Then you’re going to love Hand of Halcyon.

This jewelry house mixes metal with actual animal bones, juxtaposing the hard with the soft, nature with mankind, the beautiful with the grotesque. Every piece is handmade in Brooklyn, NY, using bones from animals who died of natural causes. Because of that, supply can be unpredictable, but that makes it more special, as each piece is unique and specific to the animal that died and left its bones to be made into beautiful handmade jewelry. Plus, each piece is quite affordable, which means both our wallets and our hearts can be happy with our decision to treat ourselves to these gorgeous, special pieces.

These earrings feature boa vertebrae on the end of gentle, soft metal chains, the perfect juxtaposition of creepy and cool. Natari Boa Vertebrae Earrings//$39+

Why wear a metal casting of a talon when you can wear an actual bird talon as a talisman around your neck? Talon Necklace//$42+

Stay on top of trends with this black velvet choker, featuring a snake vertebrae hanging gracefully from the center. Count us in. Velvet Vertebrae Choker//$15+

This vial necklace can be filled with boa ribs (pictured), or, for the feline lovers among us, claws and whiskers. Meow. Momento Mori Vial Necklace//$35+

These tiny vertebrae are elegantly nestled, and look a bit like spoopy party hats. That’s a very good thing. Neko Vertebrae Earrings//$40+

Like the earrings pictured above, this boa vertebrae necklace is both delicate and fierce, charming and protective. Who needs pearls and diamonds when you can be elegantly draped in bones? Spyre Vertebrae Necklace//$33+

These majestic earrings are made out of the jaw of a lizard. If you love them, snap them up, as there’s only one pair available. Risu Lizard Jaw Earrings//$37

This delicate python rib necklace is so gorgeous and fragile-seeming it’s hard to believe it’s made out of real, strong animal bone. But, like every piece shown here, it’s very real, unique, and beautiful, just like each of our dear readers. Go ahead, buy yourself something special. Tiny Destos Mini Python Rib Necklace//$39+

All images courtsey of Hand of Halcyon.

Featured image: Neko collar//$32

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