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Knitting Patterns to Cast a Spell

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Looking for a quiet project to do while tucked away from the chilly weather? Knitting is the perfect activity to enjoy while snug inside and sipping a hot cup of tea. We’ve gathered a list of projects to try, whether you’re an experienced knitter or just picking up needles for the first time:

Friendly Little Ghost

Image via ButterflyLove1

Knit one of these precious little fellows and you’ll have a tiny ghost to watch over you. Knit several and you’ll have the beginnings of a tiny ghost army. The choice is yours. ButterflyLove1//$2

Reggie Men’s Scarf

Image via KniTwo

This scarf pattern celebrates two strengths of the spider: knitting and sneaking up on you. KniTwo//$1.99

Salem Striped Fingerless Mittens

Striped mittens are a timeless classic, and now you can knit your very own thanks to this pattern. You can even choose what colors to use! We’d go with black and gray, or black and white, or black and blacker black. V.O Knitting Shop//$5

Bat Cape

Fly off into the dusk after you knit your very own bat wing cape! It’s guaranteed to keep you warm and toasty while you flutter about your night. Kate Bellando Embroidery and Hand Knits//$8.40

Little Skeleton Doll

Need a soft little snuggle buddy who can fit in your pocket? This precious little skeleton friend fits the bill. Claire Fairall Designs//$3.94

Zombie Apocalypse Scarf

Image via Pikeys

This cute scarf pattern will enable you to knit yourself some neck protection against the jaws of marauding Walkers when the time comes. You can never be too prepared. Pikeys//$6

Baby Bat

Image via ButterflyLove1

Here’s another tiny minion to add to your growing army, and this one has wings! ButterflyLove1//$2

Hooded Winter Cape

Here’s a classic capelet with a vintage feel, complete with two tiers of ruffles and a hood to keep you warm and snug on a cold winter night. GothicallyInclined//$4.03

Belfry Bats Fingerless Mitts

Image via Patricia Wake

Do you love bats and hate having cold hands? You’re in luck! This intricate pattern has both of those bases covered. Patricia Wake//$3.50

Knitted Alien Autopsy

Image via aKNITomy

This is the ultimate knitting project for any spooky individual who wants to believe. aKNITomy//$4.50

Featured images (L-R) via PikeysClaire Fairall Designs, and aKNITomy

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