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Leave a Light on, Thomas: Nightlights, Side Lamps, and Glowing Orbs

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We know that being surrounded by the creeping darkness of a sunken tomb is, well, very on brand, but sometimes a ghoul just wants to read a book in bed, you know? There’s no reason to sacrifice your aesthetic just so you aren’t tripping over your Pikes in the dark before the dawn. Enjoy these 11 darkling lamps, and save your candles for the next Sabbat.

Crow LED Light

Image via Land Lamp.

In this day and age, familiars can be hard to come by. Consider this electronic version, which has all the badassness and none of the birdshit. Land Lamp//$55

Chaucake Designs Flower Mandala Lamp

Image via Vibe Motif.

By the light of day, this wooden box light looks a bit like something out of Hellraiser. In darkness, you can flip on the interior LED and enjoy the instant floral lightshow on your walls. Vibe Motif//$109

Snuff Lightbox

You know how much we adore papercut art, so how could we resist this eerie/beautiful scene that lights up with a golden glow? L’Atelier dans les Nuages//$175.69

Mushrooms Nightlight

Image via The Snowmade.

Fae-ish? Maybe. Poisonous? Likely. Handmade mushrooms light up via hidden, battery-powered LED lights. The Snowmade//$130

Creature From The Black Lagoon VHS Light

Image via Nancysjars.

Flaunt your elder goth status and confuse the youngin crowd with this VHS light. The artist offers custom lighting color options, as well as customized video titles (and has a fantastic selection of other horror films ready to order). Nancysjars//$20.56+

Vivid Moon Light

Image via Pulsar Moon Light.

Texturized, glowing, and safe for indoors and out, this moon light is basically everything we’ve ever wanted in the dark. PSA: We are not responsible for any debauchery that occurs due to having a full moon constantly in your bedroom. Pulsar Moon Light//$101.08

X-Ray Kiss Nightlight

Image via Hunky Dory Studio.

This glass nightlight looks great any time of day, and it’s a nice reminder that we’re all surrounded by walking, talking, tongue-ing skeletons. Hunky Dory Studio//$30

The Cathedral Puzzle Light

Image via 1Man1Garage.

Quoth us, “HOLY FUCKBALLS, THAT’S A LIGHT?” Oh, but it’s so much more. This assemble-it-yourself piece is a handcrafted wooden puzzle that we’d be happy to spend a rainy day on. And before you worry: Yes, instructions are included. 1Man1Garage//$139.00+

Book Lamp/Storage Box

Image via LUMEN Workshop.

Perfect for the bookworm darkling with a secret, the base of this book lamp opens to reveal a sneaky storage space. We’re not saying it’s where you should hide your mystic herbs, but we’re sure you’ll find a use for it. LUMEN Workshop//$60

Stained Glass Skull Lamp

Image via Glass Art Stories.

These days, you don’t have to hang around with a pair of comedic gravediggers to score yourself a Yorick: we have the internet now. This stained glass skull lamp/sculpture is definitely a splurge, and is definitely on our wishlists. Glass Art Stories//$500

Seleno Crystal Bulb Lamp

Image via CrystalCandles777.

What dark magic is this?! The crystal ball is actually removable, and can be swapped out for any other you might own. The light is hidden in the “bulb” base, and is rechargeable via a standard USB cord. Tech meets tradition? We’re so down for that. CrystalCandles777//$178.30

Featured image via 1Man1Garage.

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