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Les Vampires: A New Collection from Phantomlovely

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Eternally a Dear Darkling favorite, Phantomlovely designs conjure images of bonfire rituals deep in the blackest forests and moonlit strolls past ivy-coated tombs. From the mind and hands of Leila Marlene von Meyer, the brand has become known for its beautifully draped black cloaks that have become a staple in many a darkling’s wardrobe.

With their new collection, appropriately titled Les Vampires, Phantomlovely delves into a world of sexuality, sensuality, and empowerment, while still remaining true to their magic. Dear Darkling was able to take a sneak peak at this collection, and it is every bit as beautiful as you would expect it to be.

Inspired by the archetype of the femme fatale, PVC and figure-hugging silhouettes feature prominently. The sense of inherent glamour in this archetype is evident in dramatic, vintage-inspired accessories.

Also inspired by vampirism, this collection does not forget gothic romance. Billowing blouses and sheer hooded capes pair perfectly with skin tight leggings. Capes drape over hip-hugging dresses, adding a sense of mystery.

These inspirations combine in a celebration of sexuality and its power. Both femmes fatale and vampires use their sexuality to control, to tempt, to tease, and ultimately to get what they want (be that sex or blood). This collection encourages the wearer to embrace that power, and embrace it on their own terms. It is a reminder to exist beyond the rules imposed by a patriarchal system that exists to control and limit women. It calls upon women to celebrate their sexuality and their bodies, and to refuse to hide in shadow.

“PHANTOMLOVELY most ceremoniously invites you to step between the veil of this world and the next to be tantalized and tempted to live life more deliciously. PHANTOMLOVELY casts a spell of dark magick to ignite imaginations, evoke emotions and provoke dreams, creating fashion steeped in romance, mystery and beguiling sensuality.”

Baudelaire Blouse


An enticing off-the-shoulder silhouette exposes the décolletage and neck while billowy sleeves add romance and drama. The Baudelaire Blouse is the perfect vintage-inspired top.

PVC Leggings


There’s something about skin-tight PVC that is just inherently sexy. These skin tight leggings are modern femme fatale to a T.

Mock Neck Midi Dress


This curve-hugging midi dresses epitomizes effortless chic and perfectly embodies the mystery and glamour of film noir.

Zyphir Hooded Cape Dress


This semi-sheer cloak is ultimate darkling sex appeal. Open sides tempt and reveal, while the deep cowl hood ensures you stay shrouded in the darkness you adore.

PVC High Neck Dress


High shine vinyl stretches across dangerous curves and a high neckline exudes sophistication with this dress fit for the darkest of femme dommes.

Mermaid Hem Dress


The romantic silhouette of this maxi is reminiscent of a formal gown, while the knit fabric is simultaneously cozy and figure-skimming.

Calyx Cape Collar Hooded Cardigan


It simply would not be a Phantomlovely collection without a cloak. This rendition is a modern, darkling interpretation of iconic designer Paul Poiret’s cocoon coat. The hooded collar is reminiscent of driving scarves worn by old Hollywood starlets, and of course it comes complete with Phantomlovely’s signature thumb holes.

PVC Tank Dress


Instill fear in the hearts of weak men as you unapologetically flaunt your curves in celebration of your divine femininity.

 Santuary Wool Hooded Cape


With a bat-like silhouette and cowl neck, this cozy piece adds dimension to the tighter, sexier pieces in the collection.

Wide Brim Fedora


Peek out from beneath this wide brim hat, exclusive to Phantomlovely, with alluring, come hither eyes.

Mystri Hooded Cowl


Every darkling needs a hood, and what’s better than this nod to Hollywood glamour and film noir mystery?

Glampire Batwing Sunglasses


Subtle batwing details adorn these retro, cat-eye frames, only to be worn by the fiercest of vampire seductresses.

The collection launches March 2 at 3 pm EST, so set your alarms and don’t miss out on these coveted darkling pieces, available here.

Follow Phantomlovely on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with all their wicked workings.

All photos are property of Phantomlovely and are not to be used without permission.

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