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What Lies Beneath (Your Boots): 10 Darkling Socks for Fall

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Fancy panties and bra? Check. Fantastic dress? Check. Something fabulously witchy to wear under your Fluevogs? Uhh…
Often overlooked, little invisible accessories like socks can add a spring to your step, and can be the easiest way to go stealth darkling when the need arises. There’s something deliciously wicked about showing up to your day job in your work-approved slacks and polo, knowing you’re wearing socks with a big ol’ Baphomet on them. So step away from the tube socks. Here’s 10 snuggly pairs full of badassery to keep your little piggies warm this fall.

Fuck You Pay Me Socks

Fuck You Pay Me Socks

Photo by Anime Trash Swag.

Just a little something to wear while you’re stepping over the charred corpse of the next person to say, “Sorry, we can’t pay you, but it’ll beĀ great exposure!” Anime Trash Swag//$8

Edgar Allan Poe Socks

Photo by The Literary Gift Company.

There’s nothing that warms your morning like wearing a dead poet’s face under your Docs. Warning: may cause sudden attacks of quothing. The Literary Gift Company//$12

You Suck Ankle Socks

Photo by Killstar.

Dark, dainty, and a little sassy, just like you. Killstar//$13

I See Through You X-Ray Ankle Socks

Photo by Plasticland.

“Daaaamn, girl, you’ve got great bone structure!” *wiggles toes* “Thanks!” Plasticland//$6

Drink Me Socks

Photo by Sock It To Me.

Pop these purple darlings on, and get back to your doubling, bubbling, toiling, and troubling. Samantha Dizon via Sock It To Me//$12

Baphomet 666 Socks

Photo by Stuff of the Dead.

1, 2, 3, 4, Satan’s who we’re rooting for! 5, 6, 7, 8, We don’t really do the whole cheerleading thing but these socks are pretty great! (Sorry. It’s a work in progress.) Stuff of the Dead//$18

Heart Dagger Calf Socks

Photo by Too Fast.

Inspired by the Three of Swords tarot card, these socksĀ may mean sorrow, heartbreak, and separation. Or they just mean you’re in a stabby mood. Too Fast//$7

Addams Family and Lucky 13 Socks

Photo by Nothing Pins.

Hey, one of our favorite enamel pin shops also carries socks! Whether you choose the illustration of the Addams’ Family manse or the print of its address (1313 Cemetery Lane), these socks will look great, cara mia. Nothing Pins//$8

Sorry About My Resting Witch Face Socks

Photo by Look Human.

We’re actually not sorry. Look Human//$14

Pray Hard Socks

Photo by Unif.

There are a lot of places you could wear these mildly blasphemous socks, but we’ll just remind you about how your mom keeps trying to drag you to church. Unif//$11

Featured image property of Sock It To Me.

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