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Little and Grim is Indie Soap to Die For

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I’m the first person to admit that I’m a bit of a ho-basket for darkling scent brands, and I go through the same cycle many of you do of binge buying and no-spend weeks or months. Therefore, I was a little appalled to find myself late to the party with Little and Grim, which launched over a month ago, hearing about it through my beauty back channels. It turns out that the brand is owned by Alex MoeHagen, the editor of this fine publication, and that she’s ethical to a fault about self-promotion, so I had no idea until recently (also, Hi Alex!).

Having more Lush products than I care to think about, and being a self-styled connoisseur of indie soap brands (some of which I’ll be happy to talk about in future reviews), I had to see what the L&G buzz was about.

The first thing that grabbed me, and will grab you, is the incredible presentation of these soaps. While all the scents come in plain bar style, you can also get them embellished with buried bones, Memento Mori, or these un-fucking-believable Our Darling casket plate designs (shown above).

While indie soaps are known for having some cool looks, I’ve never really seen anything sing to my dark heart the way these designs do. The problem with soap that looks too cool is that you just don’t want to use it. Little and Grim soaps are an unholy level of reasonable though, with plain bars going for $5 and the fancy embossed bars costing just $2 more, I’ll happily buy several at a time and use them up!

That said, they do last quite awhile, and the embossing held up surprisingly well for me after weeks of scrubbing my carcass. Add to that the creamy lather and delicious scent throw of these soaps, and I might have a new favorite (and would even if Alex wasn’t an amazing boss, human-fae hybrid who needed no buttering up).

This just in: L&G is retiring the Memento Mori and Bones-in-Dirt style embossed bars, and they have been discounted to $5/each through the end of September 2018!

Speaking of scents, how do they hold up? Well, suffice it to say that managing the curated Poisoners Guild scentcraft boxes and keeping company like Jinx Strange from Strange Fire & Fumery and Caroline Blicq of Hexennacht (and fellow Dear Darkling writer! Hi, Caroline! I love your scents! Sorry for all the nepotism!), you’d expect Ms. MoeHagen to bring her A++ game, and you would not be the least bit disappointed.

As yet, I’ve only sampled the Hereafter collection, but each scent is rich, deeply complex and evocative in exactly the way you want it to be. (Here’s the full list of Little and Grim scent descriptions.) I’ve always loved luxuriating in the tub, and even spoiling myself in the shower, but Little and Grim is one of the highest quality, affordably priced, for-darkling-by-darkling bath products I’ve ever tried.

You don’t have to take my word for it, get on over to Little and Grim and pick up 2, or 10, or 25 bars right now!

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