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The Lust List: 1.19.18

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The Lust List is a bi-weekly roundup of treasures and trinkets that the Dear Darkling staff has been lusting after. These are our staff picks, real purchases, and deepest darkling desires.

Black Goat Familiar and Spirit Board Bundle

Image via Yetis and Friends

This was, apparently, a spoopy Halloween collaboration between Yetis & Friends and Fiendies. But, there’s still some available, so let’s all band together and buy a set and then just send it around to each other. Like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but with more black clothing and less puberty. Yetis and Friends//$200

Beware Ring

Image via Little Rooms

Just a reminder to yourself about the state of the world and those around you. Or, conversely, a warning to all who try to talk to you before your morning coffee. (Also available in gold.) Little Rooms//$70.00

Vanitas Labradorite Teardrops

Image via Oaks Aesthetics

Calling all darklings with stretched ears! Available in 1″1/4 to 1″7/8, these are a splurge but are gorgeous and will last you for years. Oaks Aesthetics//$183.47+

Fetal Skull Display Replica

Image via Goth Chic Accessories

Make that random from FetLife feel really uncomfortable by mounting this above your headboard. Goth Chic Accessories//$55.00

Tombstone Curio Shelf

Image via Sourpuss Clothing

Okay, yes, we are suckers for shelves in cool shapes. This one is not only shaped like a tombstone, it’s also incredibly affordable. And, they have two other coffin-shaped options to choose from. So yes, go ahead, line your walls with these shelves! We will not stop you. Sourpuss//$25.00

Moon Phases Wall Art

Image via Carmel’s Art

No matter which phase is your favorite (and we know you have a favorite), this gorgeous, handmade moon phase wall art will be sure to please. Carmel’s Art//$35.00

Bonhoeffer Asymmetrical Scarf Dress

Image via Marigold Shadows

The coziest-looking cotton dress in the absolute best color that would be perfect for stomping around cemeteries or just going to work? Swoon. Marigold Shadows//$82.00

Silver Starry Fishnets

Image via Lirika Matoshi

Or, alternatively, we could just wear nothing but these for the rest of our lives. Lirika Matoshi//$149.99

Prosthetic Glass Eye Ring

Image via OddBallOddity

Freak out your in-laws at the next family dinner by showing up with one of these on your hand. And, easy Halloween costume: buy two, flip them so the eyes face your palms, put your hands up to your face and you’re that guy from Pan’s Labyrinth, and can eat all the fruit you want. OddBallOddity//$124.00

Skulls Embossing Rolling Pin

Image via RollingPin13

Because even our cookies need to be goth AF. #allskulleverything. RollingPin13//$22.78

Queers for Satan Tee

Image via Dish Dish Shop

Obviously. Dish Dish Shop//$22.00

Emergent Skull Crystal Pendant

Image via floridxfauna

Hoooooly shitsnacks, y’all. This necklace has left us speechless and our wallets emptied so, naturally, we couldn’t keep our mouths shut. floridxfauna//$120.00

Check back every other week for the latest trinkets, treasures, and talismans catching our discerning eyes.

Header images via Carmel’s Art, floridxfauna, and Marigold Shadows.

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