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The Lust List: 11.9.18

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The Lust List is a bi-weekly roundup of treasures and trinkets that the Dear Darkling staff has been lusting after. These are our staff picks, real purchases, and deepest darkling desires.

Ghost Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

You can never have too many cute little poppets, snag this PDF pattern to crochet a little ghost that’ll scare you up a little bit of love. Because who couldn’t love this little spoopy spirit? The Itsy Bitsy Spider//$3.50

David Bowie Prayer Candles

The day that LastCraft puts out a prayer candle design we don’t love is the day the world ends. Possibly. But we’re absolutely in love with the newest David Bowie candles featuring three different Bowie iterations. They’re only available until the end of December, so get them before the clock strikes 12 and your baby brother turns into a goblin. LastCraft Designs//$17.00 each

Live Deliciously Sign

The VVitch is a lifestyle, not a Halloween decoration. This sign will live in our kitchen forever. 12 Months of October Co.//$15.25

Witch Stickers

Image via Velvet Moon Moth

Grab a pack of these babies and stick them on everything: your planner, your phone, telephone poles, your neighbor’s cat, your face, your ex’s car… the options are endless! Velvet Moon Moth//$5.50

Massive Iron Quartz Cluster Ring

Image via Hedonist Inc.

You know how sometimes shops describe a product, and you can tell just by looking at it that they’re lying? There’s no lie here; this ring is MASSIVE. Wear it the next time you plan to go Nazi-punching. Or, you know, just all the time, since they seem to be everywhere these days. You can never be too prepared! Hedonist Inc.//$79.99

Night Goddess Corset Dress

Image via Alice Corsets

Finally, the perfect outfit for our New Year’s Eve plans: to sit at home on the couch eating snacks and avoiding all other people. Alice Corsets//$1,400

Black Metal Terrarium

Image via Nostalgic Nuance

Make your own gothic tablescape centerpiece easily with the help of this gorgeous vintage terrarium. Nostalgic Nuance//$112.50

Aegocerus Print

Image via lightwitch

You know we love Light Witch‘s work, so the opportunity to own a print like this through Redbubble… yeah, we’ll take it. Light Witch via Redbubble//$30.25+

Large Wooden Hand Mannequin

Image via Inkspirednl

Serious hand tattoo goals. And, of course, if you’re going to display a hand in your home, it needs to conform to your #allbateverything aesthetic. Inkspirednl//$100.29

Moon Wand Set

Okay, so this stained glass set is ostensibly for use in your garden or planters, but who’s to stop you from putting them in your hair? or use as a drink stirrer? or the fanciest toothpick in the world? Whatever; it’s your set, you can use it how you want. Lockhart Glassworks//$50.00

Check back every other week for the latest trinkets, treasures, and talismans catching our discerning eyes.

Featured image via 12 Months of October Co.

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